Rihanna Frees The Nipple In The Music Video Of The Summer

It’s no secret that Rihanna knows how to turn heads. After all, it’s not every day that one runs across an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion designer who also happens to look like a supermodel. The superstar had no problem doing just so recently in her sexy new video for “Wild Thoughts,” where she had blast and bared it all.

8. High Beams On

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Think Rihanna felt the need to stay covered up in the steamy vid for DJ Khaled’s new single “Wild Thoughts”?

Think again! The video maintained a carefree vibe, which made the visual of the R&B stunner’s nipples (and piercings) seem right at home. That’s not the only saucy look fans got to see, either! Keep reading for more…

7. Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot

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Everyone likes feeling sexy and free. Mere mortals can only imagine what it’s like to be Rihanna, though. It’s no wonder the singer unapologetically stole the spotlight with her iconic dance moves while sporting her see-through clothing. It’s hard to blame a gal for having a good time.

6. Let’s Go Round Two


Fitting to the festive vibe of the video (which plays out in a tropical nightlife scene), the captivating songstress donned yet another colorful look while belting out the hit. Though it may have exposed less skin, one thing was still apparent: if you need a singer, dancer, or stylist, Rihanna is always a good bet.

5. Dancing Queen

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As a seasoned artist, Rihanna knew exactly how to keep our eyes glued to the vid. While her unique voice, trendsetting style, and overall fun vibe already perfectly suited the summer single, she went above and beyond with her sultry dance moves.

Read on to learn how else Riri kept it interesting…

4. Triple Threat

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Can you imagine pulling off not one, not two, but three different fantastic party outfits in one night? If you are Rihanna, that might just be your everyday reality. The notoriously-stylish star donned a third look in the video, proving that no matter how conservative a look may be, her innovative taste is always there.

3. Whole Squad On Point


Rihanna wasn’t the only fashionable talent featured in the attention-grabbing video. DJ Khaled (the song’s producer through whom the single was released) also made an appearance, as well as featured artist Bryson Tiller. Both of the men have made headlines for their unique style in the past.

2. Nude Art


Rihanna has never been shy about breaking out her most exposing ensembles when the situation calls for it. This latest release comes barely a year after her “Kiss It Better” vid dropped, featuring the near-naked artist crooning in sophisticatedly steamy scenes.

Check out the next slide for one of Rih’s all-time best sexy appearances…

1. Rihanna’s Nipples’ Greatest Hit


Though Rihanna’s fab n’ free nipples have had many a moment in the spotlight, few have rivaled that of her music video for ‘Work’. The song, which has since been immortalized in meme history, was accompanied by a video featuring the scantily-clad singer grinding with rapper (and rumored beau) Drake.


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