Ride ’Em Correctly, Cowgirl, With These On Top Tips

During sex, women take full control when they get on top. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are great positions for that reason! If you’ve always wanted to blow his mind (among other things) by putting the grind on him, you’re in luck.

We’re going to tell you how to nail it every time—these tips will leave him stunned.

10. Pick Your Position


There are loads of variations of the cowgirl position. Pick one you want to master first, working your way up to more adventurous ones.

As you will see, though, the position isn’t everything…

9. Pick A Direction

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Up and down or side to side—take your pick! Experiment in order to find what feels good. Combinations work best to get the most out of your motion.

8. Set The Rhythm

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Once you’ve found a position and a motion you’re comfortable with, find your rhythm. Creating a groove will help you and your partner move smoothly together.

#7 will help once you’ve found your rhythm…

7. Change Your Pace


Find your rhythm, but change up the beat! By altering your pace, it will keep him on his toes and keep him anticipating your every move.

This is why #6 is so important…

6. Switch It Up

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Remember that first position you tried? Try another one! Try switching from forward to reverse cowgirl, creating a new sensation.

After changing positions, you’ll want to use #5…

5. Work A Figure Eight


The hips don’t lie! While on top, try moving your hips in a figure eight motion. This will create new sensations for him, and will help you find your G-spot.

Combine this with #4 and he may never let you go…

4. The Grind


Use the grinding motion to make him feel more of you. Moving more of your body creates new possibilities for stimulation. Not only will this affect your pleasure, it will give him one hell of a show!

3. Make Him Play With You


The best part about you on top is easy access. Your guy can place his hands anywhere on your body. Give him ideas of where he can place them by showing or telling him.

#2 will help with this…

2. Talk To Your Man


Whether it be moaning, groaning, or a few dirty words, let him know how much fun you’re having. Do what feels good to you, and let everyone know!

Our last tip is the most important one…

1. Have Fun!

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Above all, have fun. Enjoy the control and power you feel by being on top. Your guy will be having as much fun as you, guaranteed!


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