This Rescue Led Its Forever Family On A Journey To Find Its Missing Babies


They say that there’s a bond that exists between a mother and her children that simply cannot be broken. No matter what happens to the mother, she will always put her children first.

But that applies only to human beings, right? Well, it might seem that way, but in fact, all throughout nature mothers will prioritize the care of their children over themselves.

That’s what we’re going to see here – the story of an abandoned, starving, greyhound and the search for her missing puppies. You simply won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see it unfold. So let’s take a look together.

Chance Meeting

Lianne Powell was taking a day out in her hometown of Vera, Spain. She was walking through the town’s marketplace when she came across something totally unexpected. She caught sight of a stray dog – a greyhound – and it was clear to her from the start that something was not right with the animal.


The greyhound was intensely malnourished, possibly to the point of starvation. All the animals bones were clearly visible through the skin, such as its spine and its hips. The unfortunate animal was also limping on one of its legs and looked to be in some degree of distress. Lianne knew immediately what she had to do.

To Ellen’s

Lianne did what any decent animal lover would do. She phoned her friend, Ellen Sobry, the local vet, and arranged to deliver the dog to her for treatment. Sadly, after an X-ray, they learned that the dog’s leg was broken and of more concern still, she was also producing milk. But where were the babies?

Post-Natal Condition

Ellen the vet quickly came to the conclusion that the greyhound had recently given birth and that she had left a litter somewhere. She also realized that this litter would be far too young to fend for itself and it was a matter of priority that they find the puppies. But how?

Give A Dog A Name

The two friends Nicole and Ellen christened the dog “Vera” after the town she had been found in. Then they worked to ensure that Vera’s leg was made stable as quickly as possible. Even though the leg was still broken, they took the dog back to the market where Nicole had discovered her. You won’t believe what happened next.