10 Ways To Make Sure You’ll Be The Best She’s Ever Had

We ain’t nothing but mammals. Sex is one of the most incredible pleasures in life that doesn’t cost a cent. Unless you make some rash decisions when you’re in Las Vegas, of course. Either way, it is important to keep a few things in mind so you can make each sexual encounter the most memorable experience you’ve both had in your lives.

Get out a pen a paper and take some notes. We are going to discuss 10 of the most important things to keep in mind while getting busy. Even the most experienced “sexpert” should remember these!

10. Surprise Her

Sex doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be planned out on a schedule. Find out when you both have nothing planned, go buy some candles, roses, and pick a night to surprise her with a night of pleasure. It’ll be even hotter when she gets it from you when she least expects it.

9. Don’t Ignore The Girls

It’s easy to play with her breasts for a little while and then completely ignore them once you two get going. Don’t forget about them and be sure to do some massaging or flicking while you’re in the act. Find out another part that shouldn’t be ignored when you’re in the moment at #8!

8. Gently Pull Her Hair

It’s natural to try different positions when you’re in your groove but don’t forget, no matter where you end up give her hair a slight tug. Don’t get too vicious with your pull. This is sex, not a schoolyard fight. Although, some women do like it a little rough.

7. Slowly Kiss The Neck

Necking is one of the most sensual moves to score some bonus points. The skin around her neck area is already nice and sensitive so bring your lips to the region while slowly kissing her collarbone all the way up to her ear. Once you get to her ear, be sure to remember to use the tip in #6.

6. Talk Dirty To Me

Before you get started, grab a dictionary or a thesaurus and find the sexiest words imaginable. When you’re sweaty and in the moment it’s easy to focus your attention on anything but talking. Whisper a few nasty words in her ear to ensure she gets nice and wet.

5. Don’t Stop Your Lips

When you’re not whispering naughty words into her ear, remember to use those lips for more kissing. Keep it light and sensual and make sure to hit all of the sensitive spots. Although if she’s feeling like a sex-crazed animal, it’s time to get a little wet and dirty.

4. Dominate… To An Extent

Most women appreciate a man who can take charge and be a little firm (no pun intended). Gauge your partner and don’t be afraid to get a little aggressive. Use your strength to pull her closer, push her on the bed gently, hold her wrists over her head, and keep pulling her hair gently. She wants a man, not a boy.

3. Oral Examination

Not many guys are too keen on giving their girl oral sex. Remember, you have to give to receive. It is definitely an acquired taste and we recommend you acquire that taste immediately. Once you’re down to her lower region it will be the perfect time to get to know #2!

2. Now You’ve Hit The Spot

You know which spot we’re talking about! It’s not like every woman was made with the same anatomy. Your girl is going to be different so it is important to know where her g-spot is to help her reach an epic climax. Now you should both be prepared for #1!

1. Reach Climax Quick

Your standard sexual positions are not enough. Stimulate her clitoris by cupping her mound or rubbing your fingers around. You should be able to judge if it’s working right away. If not, play around with it… literally. She’ll let you know when she’s reached the point of no return.


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