What A Redditor Found In This Abandoned Cabin In The Woods Is Chilling


featured-imageImagine that you’re living in a fairly isolated place. Then imagine that just across the woods from you is a cabin that looks like it was designed for the set of a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

What would you do? This isn’t a theoretical question. It’s exactly the question that a Redditor /u/Durnse found himself facing every single day.

For a long time, his solution was simple – pretend the place wasn’t there. But over time, he found his curiosity more and more aroused until one day, he set off to find out what lay within those walls. You won’t believe what he found there.

At a Distance

001-at-a-distance-1001973This is the view that /u/Durnse had from his property and the one that left him both disturbed and intrigued. The house sits above a river and in the middle of a deserted wood. It’s been in that state for as long as he can remember. He tried to find out who owned the place.
The Mystery Deepens

002-the-mystery-deepens-1001976There is no known owner of the cabin in the woods. It’s a mystery as to who built it and why it’s there. It just is. /u/Durnse finally summoned up the courage to cross the stream and the first thing he found there was the rusty old pump.

The View From the Pump

003-the-view-from-the-pump-1001978As /u/Durnse looked up the hill from the pump, it was clear that the cabin had been abandoned for a long time. The steps up were eroded and covered in lichens and moss. The dead leaves of Autumn covered the landscape in a near perfect carpet. He summoned up his courage and drew closer.

Getting Closer

004-getting-closer-1001980This shot makes you feel like the cabin has just escaped from the Amityville Horror. It has an air of menace even in the cold light of day. We can’t imagine how oppressive it must be to stand on the hillside and look up at this at night time.

From Above

005-from-above-1001983It looks no less creepy further up the hill. /u/Durnse took a look walk around the cabin when he got there, trying to summon up the courage to go inside and see what if anything the walls held within. We can almost hear his heart beating as he stood here.
Up Close and Personal

006-up-close-and-personal-1001985Finally, /u/Durnse made his decision to get up close and personal with the cabin. This was the first view from in front of the main building. As you can see it was truly ramshackle. The windows, if there ever had been any, were long gone. The frames gently rotting in the breeze.

Dying Fixtures

007-dying-fixtures-1001988Everything in and around the cabin that could be subject to decay was slowly rotting or rusting away. This wagon wheel, for example, was missing its wagon and just leaning against the brick wall as it slowly endured the passing of time. Nothing was in good repair anywhere as far as the eye could see.

Stepping Inside

008-stepping-inside-1001990The insides of the cabin will come as no surprise. The roof had collapsed into the room as the beams had rotted and given way. It would have taken an act of real courage to step inside and discover the cabin’s secrets and that’s exactly what /u/Durnse decided to do.

A Time Before Branding

009-a-time-before-branding-1001992It’s hard to believe that there was ever a Sunkist brand without a distinctive logo and brand identity. This sign gives you an idea of just how long this cabin had been left to be reclaimed by nature. /u/Durnse could breathe a little more easily, whoever had lived here almost certainly wasn’t coming back.

Some Preservation

010-some-preservation-1001994It’s quite incredible that among all the debris that some items were in as good as new condition. The old stove probably needs a bit of a clean but it’s looking great. More surprisingly, so is the painting hanging on the wall. They both seem to be quite valuable items. Why were they abandoned?

Just Like Yesterday

011-just-like-yesterday-1001996The hairs on /u/Durnse’s neck must have bristled when he began to explore the living areas. This doesn’t look like a place which was left behind in an orderly fashion, instead, there are whole rooms where it looks like the owners just stepped out for a few minutes and never returned…

Just a Few Cobwebs

012-just-a-few-cobwebs-1001998Despite the fact that the cabin was so full of contradictions, the worst thing that u/Durnse discovered was a few cobwebs. The owners had long since departed and it seems unlikely that anyone will ever return to that abandoned cabin in the woods. No-one haunts its rooms and corridors.

We take our hats off to /u/Durnse. It must have been an incredibly nerve-wracking experience after years of staring across the woods at the abandoned cabin on the other side of the river and to finally choose to go and investigate it.

We’re sure that he’s glad he did too. It’s a fascinating historical record and a genuinely eerie place.

Sometimes in life, it’s important to take a little risk and to satiate our curiosity and put our fears to bed. /u/Durnse will always remember his trip to the cabin and we will too thanks to these photos.