Real Sexual Arousal Tests That Are More Like Torture Experiments

Sexual arousal tests have been around for centuries, but more recently they’ve come into the news because the Czech government is testing gay asylum seekers to see if they’re actually gay. Unbelievably, some experiments when described sound more scary than sexual! You’ll never believe what #3 does to people… it’s pure insanity.

8. A Blood-Flow Measurer For The Vagina

Boing Boing

A vaginal photoplethysmograph is essentially a lighted rod that measures blood flow to the vagina. It’s then inserted into the vagina. Then, scientists can guess arousal from the results. Pornographic films are used to stimulate the subjects of these tests. If you think that’s strange, wait until you see #7…

7. A Penile Air Displacer

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A volumetric air chamber is used to measure the air displaced by a penis becoming aroused. The amount of air displaced then gives scientists an idea of how aroused a male is at any time. Did we really need to create a scientific test for this? #6 is even weirder…

6. An Anal Pressure Measurer for Men

Dove Press

An anal pressure probe is a device inserted into a man’s anus to measure the pressure there during masturbation. It measures pelvic contractions, so scientists will know the level of enjoyment of the male subject. Yikes, will a man actually get aroused with this? #5, though, may take the cake…

5. Penile Circumference Measurer

Flat World Knowledge

The circumferential transducer sounds like something out of science fiction, but it’s in fact real. The more engorged the penis becomes, the more restricted it becomes in the device. The transducer then measures that and sends out a reading. Oh, by the way, it uses the poisonous element mercury to measure this. Don’t worry, #4 is even stranger…

4. An Electrode For Your Vagina

E Trade Asia

The “napkin ring myograph” is an object inserted into the vagina and placed against the pelvic wall. There, electrodes measure the contractions during a female orgasm, but don’t interfere with other areas of arousal. Honestly, how can anyone have an orgasm with these devices inside them? Trust us, #3 will make you think…

3. Mood-Ring Underwear

Enchanted Forest Shop

Some female underwear that was invented by Laura Lanzo senses heat produced by the female, which then changes color. That color then corresponds to a level of arousal, which then is supposed to help that couple’s sex life. Great, now we need a color chart to find out what’s going on? #2, though, is almost too much to handle…

2. Thermometers For Vaginas

Q Sota

The labial thermistor, designed in 1978, measures with three thermometers the temperatures of three spots on the labia of the vagina. These three readings should then be able to give measurers the impression of female arousal. That is, of course, if it actually works. See the last one to really be surprised!

1. Smart Sex Toy

Inside Hook

Of course, the 21st-century should be at the cutting edge of arousal detection devices! The “smart sex toy” measures arousal for both partners, and then relays that information to a laptop. There, the scientist can then understand what is making both partners tick. I think the science is still out on that one…


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