Reading This Alone Will Make You Healthier: Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide

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We all love to imagine that we eat healthy. Some of us actually even do it! But one thing we love more than actually eating right, is talking about eating right. The internet is flush with millions of how-to guides and recipe collections on the subject.

The problem is simplicity. We’d love to eat better, but putting in the effort can be so hard. To solve this dilemma, we’ve gathered a handful of quick and easy visual guides for eating better. They’re fast, fun, and most importantly, easy!

Without further ado..

1. Here’s What A Serving Of Fruit Actually Looks Like

Servings are hard enough to gauge when you’re pouring something out of a box, but how do you know when enough is enough when dealing with nature’s ready-made snacks? This little breakdown will show you exactly how many of any given fruit you should eat.


2. 5 Minute Dinners Made With 3 Main Ingredients

Every field has its experts, and eating is no exception. Nutritionists tend to know more than the average Joe about what’s best to put in your stomach, come dinner time. These are supposedly their go-to choices, each defined by three ingredients: your choice to mix and match!

3. Paleo Or No?

Paleo is one of the most popular diet trends, but unlike veganism or going gluten free, it can’t be defined in one sentence. This handy chart breaks down what foods are and are not considered paleo, with a specific note about the most popular nut, the peanut, because it is actually a legume. Who knew??



4. How To Tell When An Avocado Is Ripe

We can fondle and squeeze all we want, but figuring out the best time to eat an avocado has a super simple solution. As the picture shows, you simply remove the stem plug and check the color beneath. Now you’ll never have to cut one open only to realize it should have spent a little more time on the windowsill.


5. The Only Smoothie You’ll Ever Need?

With an easy to understand process, plus a couple optional extras, this quick and handy guide will have you slamming healthy, hearty, and extremely tasty beverages in no time. The best part is that it’s focused on healthy ingredients and natural sweeteners, avoiding the kind of junk you get from store-bought smoothies.


6. Make Your Own Delicious Smoothies With Only 3 Ingredients

It’s true. It’s healthy. It tastes amazing! This infographic drops some serious knowledge, with 25 diverse recipes for everyone’s favorite (non-alcoholic) liquid snack. These recipes are perfect for anyone who normally skips breakfast, or anyone looking for a post-workout snack that doesn’t come from a jar with bulging muscles on the label. Bonus points: drinking an avocado feels awesome.


7. Make This Perfect Portable Salad!

In one large sized Ball jar, you can pack a densely nutritious and delicious salad that will satisfy your lunch cravings on long days at the office. We’d say that the best part is how portable this meal is, but we think the taste is even better.


8. Here’s The Most Legit Way To Steep Your Tea

Let’s face it: most folks simply drop the tea bag in hot water and let it sit forever, maybe removing it once they’re near the bottom of the mug. But you can actually steep your tea too long! This handy visual guide shows both the best temperature for different teas (we didn’t even know that was a thing) and the amount of time they should steep. It’s fun realizing that we’ve been doing it wrong for years!


9. You Have No Excuse For Not Making Homemade Soup

Most of us hold fond memories of growing up with mom’s homemade soup boiling in a large pot on the stove. The smell fills the house, the soup fills your stomach, and the leftovers fill the fridge for days. Now you can do the same in a few simple steps!



10. Make Your Own Salad Dressing

Despite its reputation as a healthy choice, salads are often nutritionally ruined by a dollop of fatty, salty store-bought dressing. This little chart lays out several combinations of dressings you can make in your own kitchen, without all the excess junk.


11. Ultimate Grocery List For Singles

Living on your own, it can be hard to do actual grownup shopping. What’s easier than throwing a box of Hot Pockets in the freezer and calling it a day? The list below can help steer you toward healthy, well rounded choices with ease, navigating the wilds of your local grocery store like a seasoned pro.


12. You’re Probably Cooking Grains Wrong

Here’s a crazy easy guide to cooking them right! A well rounded diet includes grains like rice and quinoa, foods you can’t exactly buy readymade. With a little push and some sound advice, you too can start eating like a healthy adult!


13. One Handed Portion Control

Let’s say you want to make sure you’re eating the right amount of a given food, but you don’t have measuring cups and spoons ready, or maybe you’re at a friends and don’t want to look too OCD about eating. This fantastic graphic shows how your own hand can guide your dining decisions with ease. A fist, a finger, a thumb, and a palm are all you need.


14. Even Vegetarians Can Get Their Proper Protein!

Have you ever been chomping on a burger and wondered how your vegetarian and vegan friends achieve the same exquisite combination of taste and healthy protein? Wonder no more! This 12 part list breaks down exactly how much of each non-meat food you’ll need to eat the right amount of protein for your body.


15. Sugar Has A Lot Of Names

You might not know it, but some of those multisyllabic words crowding the ingredient lists on your favorite snacks are just covert names for sugar. We all love what it does for flavor, but not so much what it does to our waistlines. This list gives you a leg up on sussing out where this delicious but naughty ingredient may be hiding.


16. Oh Nuts! There’s A Lot Of Nutrition In A Little Handful

However delicious they are, and however healthy their contents, calories are still calories, and nuts pack a surprising amount into a small space. You can get a single serving of nut-based nutrition in only a few walnuts, pecans, or cashews, but it takes a few more pistachios to fill the quota. Keep this in mind next time you throw back an entire bag of honey roasted deliciousness!


17. Romain Beats Kale

Despite the fact that kale is a more sexy, fun-to-say legume, good old fashioned romain lettuce beats it in the nutrition game. The below list ranks the top 15 greens in terms of how much fiber, protein, potassium, and vitamins they contain. Where’s your favorite?


18. Homemade Hummus Is Better And Cheaper Than Store Bought

The guide below has frankly got us excited. With over a dozen varieties of hummus, made from simple household ingredients, your chip dip and pita topping options will be limitless. Try out some of the more exotic recipes, like the one using edamame instead of chickpeas! You’ll never buy another tub again.


19. Marinate The Right Way

There’s no better way to flavor up your favorite protein than marinating it before cooking. Whether it came from the sea or the farm, this guide leaves no question as to how long to let it sit. Depending on what marinade you’re using, the times can vary, but not by much.


20. Healthy Baking Substitutions

If you’re trying to cut back on fat or sugar, but can’t kick the pastry habit, this perfect infographic is your new best friend. The numerous quick fixes below can help you bake that perfect cookie crust pie without the cookie calories. It’s basically the best news you’ll hear all week.


21. Treat Yourself To A Perfect Salad Combo

While we shared a perfect portable salad in a jar above, this guide is a little more extensive. You’re given choices in several categories, allowing for a lego-like mix-and-match selection of build your own salads. The guide takes out all indecision, allowing you to craft something healthy and delicious at a glance.


22. Vitamin Health Protips For Life

You may be familiar with every vitamin from A to …Riboflavin (ahem), but you might not know what specific benefits each one brings to your body. This guide solves that dilemma, while pointing out the best food sources for each one.


23. Superfoods: What Are They??

You’ve probably heard the term superfood, and maybe have an inkling about what it means. These are the foods that pack so much nutritional value into a small frame that they’ve moved beyond the realm of mere mortals. These guys are the comic book superheroes of the food world. Get familiar!


24. Storing Your Groceries: The Definitive Guide

We all fudge a bit when it comes to expiration dates and fruit or vegetable ripeness, but we don’t have to. In a super simple color coded guide, the below graphic shows virtually everything you need to know about where, how, and how long to store your produce. Go forth and shop with confidence!


We hope our handy dandy selection of guides was as eye opening for you as it was for us. We may not always hit our goals when it comes to living healthy, but we try. Of course, trying can become doing with just a bit of effort and a push in the right direction! We hope that learning how easy it can be to eat right is just the push you needed.

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