The Pull-Out Method Might Be Just As Effective As Condoms—Here’s Why

Sex is good and fun, but raising a child is a lifelong commitment that might be far from your end goal. Condom manufacturers have claimed that pregnancy prevention is simple and foolproof: Roll a rubber on and you’re good to go.

It’s not all that simple, though, and many people swear by the pull-out method instead. Let’s explore both options.

10. What You’ve Heard

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard that pulling out is an effective method of birth control. It’s certainly not ineffective, but how does it really compare to the time-honored first line of defense, the condom?

You might find it a bit stunning, but here’s what studies have actually revealed…

9. What Do The Studies Say?


A 2014 study found that pulling out before ejaculation can be almost as effective as wearing contraception. Apparently, only four percent of partners who pull out end up with the possibility of having a baby.

If you’re not that good at pulling out, your chances jump up to around 18 percent.

8. What Do Condoms Say?

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Most condom packages boast a 99.9% success rate, and thats simply not true. If you use condoms on a regular basis, you’re left exposed to a 2% chance of failure.

That means you should protect yourself, both physically and mentally. Sexual education should start at the home, but more often it’s started at #7.

7. Early Education

You should have about condom use in elementary school—that’s when sexual education in this country reached its peak. Those of us who actually paid attention learned that failure rates for male condoms can reach 17% with imperfect use.

Sex can be heated and unconventional, so don’t let that distract you from the facts.

6. Control Your Birth Control

Don’t get us wrong—condoms are an effective form of birth control. They’ve been enhanced in many different ways, too: flavors, scents, ribbed for her pleasure, etc. Manufacturers have figured out how to make your safe sexual experience more pleasurable.

Up next, let’s look at what a sexpert has to say…

5. Accidental Pregnancies

Aida Manduley, a sex expert and educator, has a perfectly logical explanation for the phenomenon of pulling out. She says that it’s just an assumption made by sexually active humans.

No one ever wants to be responsible for an unwanted pregnancy, of course. But some of the best of us come from accidental pregnancies. (Shout out to all the oopsie babies out there!)

4. Don’t Forget About Biology

But you’re having sex. Your biological system is already set up to reproduce. There is only one surefire way of preventing it. A recent Marie Claire story called the pull-out method “super risky,” saying that it is not a method, but it’s at least “better than nothing.” Nothing will ever keep you statistically 100% safe during intercourse.

Up next are thoughts from the medical community…

3. At Your Cervix


Many medical professionals who share these thoughts with reporters don’t like to be quoted by name. They do agree that there may not be much of a difference between condom use and pulling out.

Instead, they remind us that the risk of STDs like HIV can be much scarier and more permanent than a pregnancy.

2. A Hole Lot Of Trouble

Another thing to consider is the fact that condoms are manmade. Pregnancy trapping is a real thing—all a partner has to do is poke a hole in a condom in order for semen to seep through!

That’s a dirty trick, but it still happens. Keep this next one in mind, too…

1. You’d Better Act, Sister

The bottom line is there is no better method for preventing pregnancy and STDs than abstinence. (I’ll admit, I tried to write that with a straight face.)

If you really want to prevent the unwanted effects of sex, compile all of the best methods of prevention and put them to good use. Wear a condom AND pull out.


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