18 Proofs that Cats are Liquid...

18 Proofs that Cats are Liquid

There is a lot of myth going around about cats. Many people say that cats have nine lives. There are others who believe that seeing a black cat at night is a bad omen. Others claim that an old woman living with cats stinks. Well, that last one is not an omen rather it is a judgmental opinion of my neighbor. What I am going to prove to you today though is a scientific truth. If for so long you have believed that cats are mammals, therefore have actual form and mass, you are gravely mistaken-cat is LIQUID. You do not agree with me? Let me give you some proof.

1 – Cat in an oval vase.


As you will notice in this picture, very evidently the cat take the form of the vase. No other explanation than the cat being liquid can explain that. I dare you, if you put some flower in that vase it will stand and bloom in hours.

2 – Two cats in cylindrical vase


Yes, that is right. There is no camera trick used here, there are indeed two cats inside this vertical jar. That is such a sweet sight, isn’t it? And yes they are pretty much filling the Jar to the brim.

3 – Care to share my cup?


How cute! Those innocent black eyes and that thick black fur is just too adorable. What is even more fascinating is it sit just perfect in this tall wine glass. Without any hint of losing his balance. Now tell me, I am wrong in thinking they are liquid.

4 – A fluffy sink.


This big guy seems to be enjoying the curve of the basin as well its cool surface. There is no removing this guy from his new fount throne, if you do, you will not leave unscathed.

5 – Cat in sitting elegantly inside another vase.


What a beauty we have here. With her fur as white as snow and her tail spike up in that perfect arch. Truly, I am mesmerized. Despite the shallow vase and the perimeter small compared to her size, this babe never lose one inch of sophistication. That is s delicate liquid right there.

6 – Cat overflow.


As you will notice, that fruit basket is no material that can hold water, naturally it will spill. And that is what we are looking at here folks. It is an overflow of water, in reach gray color.  Nah, this one is just plain tired.

7 – Fill-in-the-box.


This picture is one of perfection. That perfectly curved body just so fluidly molding itself to fill the hole. Mind you that shape is not even an ideal one. I bet you can fold this container and the cat will fit right in without trouble locking the buckles.

8 – Cat in the trash.


This one look like he’s been caught doing a mischief. It looks like he is so, is that a trash been he got himself into? Even the trash bin in the toilet is safe with cats. They like tight enclosed spaces so much that the smell of a trashcan will not hinder them from incubating in these hide out. It is actually quite admirable of them to think of such places.

9 – A furry cereal.


What if you wake up to this? You are in a hurry for breakfast. You grab a bowl and a box of cereal from the cupboard, you left for a quick moment to get the milk inside the fridge and when you return, you come back to this. It may look like a total freak out moment at first, but on second thought it was pretty cool. Managing to curl up and fit into the bowl is totally liquid.

10 – In fishing.


We all know the story behind this.  Isn’t obvious, you have a bowl for your pet fish, now you end up with a bowl with no fish in it instead a furry dude trapped inside it. Well the mystery on how he got inside is left buried with the fish in his stomach. Or maybe he envy the fish so much, he thought he could live here.

11 – Rock a bye baby on a carpet top.


Sweet thing, sleeping like a baby in his bowl on top of the carpet. See his people at the background? They surely don’t mind since the cat is left to herself, that is what we call love.

12 – Square up.


This Mrs. Garfield is so huge a cat that this square tray can barely contain her. With determination and a good amount of flexibility though kept her intact.

13 – Thirsty cat.


This one can be mistaken for a giraffe. Do you see how far his neck can go? He definitely is thirsty to submit himself to such. But wait, is that water or juice at the bottom of the glass or was it beer? If the latter, I must concede to cats on the length they are willing to endure for alcohol.

14 – Tail out, body in.


What a position. This right here, I’m guessing, took a lot of practice to execute perfectly. The tail is tossed outside of the  jar while keeping his entire body inside.

15 – Kitten in a wine glass.


The little one is bursting with fiery color just like a wine. She seems peacefully sleeping his way through this party but not without style. I hope nobody picks up this goblet all night long. It is pitiful to wake a cute little creature comfortably nested in her place.

16 – Poker face.


She is a mushy pretty one in gray. Whiskers popping out of the vase paired with scared big eyes may lead you to think she didn’t do this on purpose. Think again, she loves it in that glass so keep her tucked in.

17 – Another Fishing escapade.


This Cat-eating-fish number 2 here is a pro. Her position tells you that the job is done and she is ready to leap out of this bowl.

18 –  Kitty in a bottle.


Do not mistake her for your baby’s milk. She may all be in white but there’s no way you are going to have that drink by your little one. Look at it though; it is a work of art.


Now, let us go back to my science fact that cats are liquid; in all the pictures presented you saw that they take the form of their container. They are fluid as water. And thus without further explanation, it can not be explained any other way but to accept they are not solid beings, rather liquid.

If you are not pretty convince, share this to your friends and let the good debate begin. Or just share it because it is awesome, that works too.




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