POW Jessica Lynch Was Missing For 7 Days In Iraq. Her Heroic Story Is Amazing!

Like many young people, the wish to leave your hometown and see the world sounds like an illustrious proposition. Everyone wants to be independent and experience all of the wonders and excitement Earth has to offer. The easiest route for most young people is to join the military. What better way to receive free travel, as well as a free education when the service is up?

Jessica Lynch was no different. She wanted to do everything the boys could do and knew she could be a soldier in the United States military. After enlisting, Jessica was sent to Iraq where tragedy struck. Find out the story of Jessica’s life as a prisoner of war.

10. A Wish To See The World

19-year-old Army Private First Class Jessica Lynch was born in Palestine, West Virginia on April 26, 1983. Like many people who come from small towns, Jessica wanted to leave and explore the world. “I wanted to improve my life and not just be there in Palestine forever,” she later said. “I wanted to get out and do something.”

9. Jessica’s Enlistment

After Jessica graduated from high school she wanted to go to college but, like many young people, she was unable to attend due to the costs. That was when she decided to enlist in the Army and use it as a chance to see the world before following her dream of becoming a teacher.

8. Prove Them Wrong

Jessica’s father always told her if someone said she could not do something, then go do it just to prove them wrong. The young blonde girl was underestimated at every turn but decided to become a soldier with her brother who just dropped out of college. Jessica heads to basic training in #7.

7. September 11th

About a week after the terrorist attacks on September 11th that brought the World Trade Center to the ground, Jessica was on her way to South Carolina to begin Army Basic Training. Even though the devastating attacks riled up the nationalist pride in America, Jessica was sure she would never see combat during her enlistment.

6. Completing Basic Training

When she completed basic training, Jessica was sent to Fort Bliss in New Mexico where she worked as a supply clerk. She felt she could use some business experience for civilian life. But as the war drums pounded on and America began to send troops into Afghanistan and Iraq, Jessica re-enlisted for another four years.

5. Stationed In Iraq

Private First Class Jessica Lynch was given an assignment in Iraq with the 507th Maintenance Company. She was traveling with her convoy and their faulty GPS equipment sent them the wrong way near Nasiriyah. The company was ambushed and was under heavy fire. Find out what happened to Jessica’s convoy in #4.

4. An Intense Firefight

Enemy forces had been tracking the convoy for miles. It was pure luck that landed them in wrong place at the wrong time. Jessica’s Hummer was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. The Humvee crashed into the back of the lead vehicle and the forces were stuck. After exchanging fire, 11 American soldiers were killed.

3. A New Prisoner Of War

Jessica had suffered severe injuries including a head wound and a broken back. She was declared missing in action, in addition to her friend Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa and four other soldiers. She was knocked unconscious. When she awoke, she found herself as a prisoner of war by Iraqi insurgents.

2. Deciding To Do Something

An attorney named Mohammed al Rehaief noticed the hospital Jessica was taken to had heightened security and was being used as a military base for Iraqi soldiers. He saw someone slap Jessica’s face and his heart stopped. He realized he needed to doing something to help the poor soldier. He decided to approach the American military to help save the POWs. Would his heroic attempt work? Find out in #1.

1. A Hero’s Rescue

U.S. troops raided the hospital on April 1, 2003, where they discovered Jessica was alive. She was taken to Ramstein Air Base in Germany where doctors began to fix her back. She was then sent to Washington D.C. for recovery. This image of her rescue made its rounds around the world and Jessica became a national hero.


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