Positively Horrific Confessions About Roommates From Hell

There are times when you have to have someone to share your living space. Maybe you are in college and sharing with several other students so you can afford a decent place to live. Perhaps you are a young professional not quite earning enough to afford a place all on your own, or maybe you have just left a relationship and are starting over.

Whatever the reason you are rooming with a stranger, there are some cautionary tales that should make you think twice before handing over a key to your front door.

Here are a handful of the best (or worst) confessions. If you share an apartment with someone, read them at your peril.

7. Lock Away The Dish Soap

Roomies can get up to all sorts of things, but things can be taken up a notch if they like to partake in recreational pharmaceuticals. It is difficult to know whether the things these nut jobs do are the hardest to live with or the copious crying on your shoulder afterward.

6. The Five Second Rule Won’t Help You Here

Everyone has done it at one time or another – snuck a snack from a communal fridge when the tasty morsel wasn’t, strictly speaking, yours. This might make you think twice before sinking your teeth into someone else’s food, though. Either that or feed some to the cat first and check it is safe.

5. Boredom Does Strange Things To A Person

It is hard to imagine how the conversation went for this one. The pair of you are sitting around one evening, there’s nothing on the TV, and you were too overwhelmed with the choices on Netflix. Then, you know, the talk just happens to turn to comparing your vaginas.

4. What Is Worse: The Crime Or The Punishment?

Nobody wants to live with someone who may be stealing from them. Having money disappear when it can only be one person would make most people throw out their roomie or move out themselves. Alternatively, some people decide on an alternative course of action and mess with their roommate’s head.

3. Never Tell Your Roomie Anything

Sometimes you end up sharing with a prankster who may or may not have a sense of humor you appreciate. Cling wrap on the toilet or fog horns on your chair are one thing, but when it gets to messing with your love life it’s time to reevaluate your living arrangements.

2. Sometimes It’s The Other Guy Who’s The Nightmare

If you are living under the same roof as someone, it can be in your own best interest to do everything you can to maintain a positive atmosphere.

One roommate really took this to a whole ‘nother level, though. Some people seem to feel that if you find yourself with a roomie who’ll do anything for you, stick to them like glue.

1. Some Things Should Stay Private

A personal life is difficult to maintain if you are sharing a room, but some things really should remain private. It is difficult to know what to do about a roommate who produces this number of “happy tissues” in one night. Perhaps no longer stifling your laughter might be the way to go on this one.

These are just a few of the pitfalls you might encounter when living under the same roof as someone you barely know, out of necessity.

Of course, not all shared living is as terrible as these examples, but chances are, you have a story or two about those difficult years sharing a house during college or that time you had to rent out a room to make the mortgage.

Share your story in the comments below or share this list with someone you know is just about to embark on a roommate relationship and watch their faces drop.



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