Photos That You Really Need To Look At TWICE To Understand


Sometimes a photo comes along that catches you completely off guard. You think you know what you saw, but did you really?

Sometimes, it looks like you’re seeing something extremely NSFW. Take a seemingly risky closer look though, and you’ll realize that your own mind provided the eye-popping observation; it’s simply a tricky angle or hilariously timed photo!

Some of these are a result of sheer luck, whilst others are intended to twist your brain and manipulate it , or let’s just say give it a bit of a work out to shake off any rustiness. Some are just intended to break a smile. So Approach these photos with an open mind and remember the saying:- don’t judge a book by it’s cover , it does apply to a few cases in here , specially our very first photo.

We love these experiences, so we’ve gathered a load of them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Geisha On A Train


We’re beyond curious: was this intentional or accidental? Regardless of the answer, the angle is perfect. We’re peering directly at the titular geisha, sitting right on a commuter train! She seems as disinterested as her fellow passengers, at least.

2. 4 Heads, 3 Bodies


These party girls look to be having a great night of celebration and fun. But what’s missing? A fourth body! Either the girls on the right are a set of conjoined twins, or the blonde’s body is floating somewhere off screen.

3- A Woman Without A Head ?
Funny photos
Funny photos

It may look like this woman doesn’t have a head but it actually is the effect of these mirrors which are separated by wood planks. And if you look closer , you will see that the person sitting next to her has the head of another lady showing up to be hers ! Talk about 2 for the price of 1.

4. Don’t Get Too Excited!



We know exactly what you think you saw, but we’re here to deflate your enthusiasm a bit. These girls are sitting right next to each other, and neither is spreading her legs. We do feel like giving props to the shoe choice, though!

5. Magic Muscles


That enigmatic grin says it all: she’s mastered the art of muscle magic, bursting out of her, uh, “Canoe Juices” shirt with a set of super ripped biceps! Or maybe it’s just her boyfriend helping out with the gun show.

6. Baby Butt


This one is pretty fantastic. The perfect timing and angle collude to give us a baby with a grown-ass adult bottom half. The little floppy white hat kind of puts a star at the top of this beach bound Christmas tree.

7. Baby Big Foot


Maybe the baby in the previous photo really did have an adult bottom half? The set of canoe-sized feet here certainly lean in that direction. Now, we realize he’s just sitting on papa’s legs, but it’s way more fun to believe otherwise.

8. Mirror Fun



We’ve seen some fantastic mirror tricks before, but this one goes the extra mile. They’ve even managed to line up the cracks on the wall so that it looks like the girl really has disappeared behind the frame!

9. Mirror Fun 2



Ah, the old timey fun of floating on an empty frame on a dirt road in the countryside! We remember it just like the old hoop-and-stick toy that was all the rage in our youth. Or maybe it’s just a really carefully placed mirror, but that’s not nearly as cool.

10. Mirror Fun 3


Floating in the meadow, legs akimbo, this young lady seems full of the kind of bliss that only comes when enjoying close communion with nature. Sure, her body has disappeared, but in such a fabulous manner!

11. Mirror Fun 4


Speaking of disappearing bodies, the mirror in this yard has managed to vanish a good pair of them. Thankfully it’s left two sets of shapely legs in high heels, framing the lush grass.

12. Mirror Fun 5


This has got to be our favorite mirror trick shot ever. The mysterious look on the girl’s face really nails it, but the fact that only her limbs peek out adds a large dose of magic. The light, courtesy of a softly overcast day, only improves the mystical imagery.

13. Mirror Fun 6


Doubling up on the fantastical pleasure, the pair of ladies in this magic mirror shot have created an exponentially more tricky shot. We’re not sure how they did it, but working an infinite reflection into the frame does wonders for our curiosity.

14. Arboreal Ballet


Well, here we’ve got a tree that looks like nothing so much as a ballet dancer, mid-pirouette. An upper branch comes across as a head thrown back in ecstasy, while the tree even seems to sport a pair of breasts, facing left. Bravo, mother nature!

15. Good Vs. Evil?


This one is not so much an illusion as a carefully constructed use of fonts and word space. The artist embedded the word “evil” in the openings of the letters for “good.” It’s a bit of a stretch, but what isn’t these days?

16. Trippy Village


Here’s an old favorite of optical illusion fans everywhere. Is it the profile view of a cranky looking old man, scowling above his push broom mustache? Or is it, instead, an old man with a cane and a young woman cradling an infant?

17. How Many Horses?


Seriously, how many are in this picture? We count 5, but we feel like we’re missing something. You’ve probably seen illusions like this one passed around the internet since the days of dial-up, but they never get old.

18. Optical Illusion: Real Wood Blocks


Are the blocks beside each other, or is one on top of the other? This one has us frankly baffled. We’re not sure if it’s a physical illusion, or a trick of the camera, but we can’t actually dissect this one. How about you?

19. Optical Illusion: Size Matters


So here’s the rub: the dot at the centre of each of these sets is exactly the same size as the other. The surrounding circles play a trick on our minds, tripping up the part of our vision that grasps relativity.

20. Is That A Face?


This one may take a second to come into view, but that’s okay. It’s why these photos must be looked at twice to truly get a handle on! The scene of a rainy Paris, viewed beneath the arch of the Eiffel Tower, slowly transforms into a beguiling face.

21. Couple Leg Swap


We love pictures of couples, where the bodies seem to swap parts at will. In this one, taken at a bright and balmy West Coast park, the woman at left appears to have some seriously hairy legs and absolutely no pants on. Thankfully for her, it’s the man just being generous with his appendages.

22. Couple Head Swap


When a young lady was leaning over her boyfriend for an embrace, the angle struck just right for a perfect optical head swap. While he’s concentrating deeply in his magazine, she’s hugging his shoulders, but something about the arms obscures what’s happening. We dig it.

23. Couple Head Swap, Part Deux


Aren’t these just the best? The seeming ease with which this happens frankly baffles us. Why haven’t we been in an accidental head swap before? And seriously, this one really tripped us up at first, and gave us a clue: it’s all about the head tilt!

24- A Boy With Girlish Legs
Funny photos
Funny photos

It is actually the position of the couple that makes you think the guy has girlish legs. Look carefully and you will decipher the photo correctly. Hint :- He’s wearing white socks,

25. Three Legged Lady


Sure, this woman might have a third leg, but we don’t see it. Instead, she’s cradling a vase that happens to be remarkably similar in color to the stockings on her legs. We’re still giggling about it, of course. You have our permission to join.

26. Is That A Diaper?


Thankfully, that is not in fact a diaper. Or underwear. The woman at bottom center just has the unfortunate luck of sitting between the legs of her friends, making the white jeans appear as a tiny little diaper and her legs appear as if doing the splits.

27. Belly Flop Jesus


Since Jesus was known to walk on water, and also turn the stuff directly into wine, we’re guessing this guy might be a distant relative, using his powers for less practical, but more fun activities. We’re wondering if this is prelude to a river of chardonnay?

28. Who’s Holding The Umbrella?

No, seriously. What is holding that umbrella? We see the dapper dressed man holds a water bottle in one hand, and his date’s hand in the other. She’s got her other hand clutching a… clutch. This leaves us the question of whether someone has a third hand, or there’s a very skinny person standing behind the couple. Neither answer is satisfactory!

29. Invisible Touch


At first we only see a bit of a tire standing amidst a field of leaves and grass, but the blur catches our eye. That’s clearly a truck. Is it the cleanest, shiniest truck ever? It might be. Usually these things are covered in mud, so we’ll have to give props to the owner for taking such nice care of the vehicle!

30. DJ Dogface


While the woman in this photo could appear at first to have a real nasty mean mug and oddly turned-up nose, we’re thankful to realize that she’s merely enjoying some face to face time with her pup.

31. Topsy Turvy Forest

tumblr_nbt879bUeE1rjorvbo1_1280This image of a man leaning on a tree while the world literally tilts around him has an instant appeal. The context creates a wildly disorienting view, while our brains struggle to remind us that, hey, he’s just posing on a fallen tree.

32. Topsy Turvy Forest 2


Seriously? These photos are fantastic. This one especially seems to have taken an insane amount of effort. The guy appears to be standing freely on the upturned grass, so we’re guessing he’s got some serious upper body strength to strike that casual pose.

33. Leviosa!


The woman at right appears to have utterly mastered her spell class at Hogwarts. How else to explain the way that she casually floats above the ground in a lotus pose? The uninterested look of her companion, however, suggests that we might just be seeing an optical trick.

34. 3D Carpet


This is no trick of the camera; it’s simply some really cool carpeting in a hotel hallway! We love the raised shadow relief effect, how it appears as if we could grasp the white flowers and leaves, or move our hands between them and the brown carpet bed.

35. Siamese Truck


This one is, funny enough, not an optical illusion at all. It’s simply a really strange, homebrew truck design. The owner welded the front halves of two different trucks together and crafted a fully functional, highway-ready vehicle! We’re not sure why, other than for scaring the hell out of passing motorists.

36. Mighty Little Man


We love it when forced perspective makes our brains flip their wigs. It’s brilliant to see a moment like this, where a professional footballer shrinks to half his size amidst a field of fellow players. There’s really nothing more to be said, other than we hope he didn’t get run over!

37. Those Legs Go For Miles


And they’re wearing knee high socks that say “BEER.” Everything about this one is fantastic. With just a simple perfect angle, we’ve gone from a normal couple riding a motorcycle, to a man transporting a likely Amazonian warrior. With “BEER” socks.

38. Sexy Legs, Man!


Have you figured it out yet? That’s not a guy with a pair of booty shorts and thin white-girl legs; he’s sitting on a particularly playful (and well done) bar stool, designed to merely look like a pair of sexy legs.

39. Optical Illusion: Grey vs. Grey.


Here’s another stone cold classic of the optical illusion world. Would you believe that the shades of both square A and square B are exactly the same? They are! The shadow tricks our brains, taking advantage of millions of years of evolution that says anything within a shadow is actually lighter than it appears.

40 – Is That a ? ..
Funny photos
Funny photos

At first glance, it may look like a woman showing her boob but actually its her elbow. The way she has positioned her arm, makes it look like her boob.

41 -Little Bridesmaids
Funny photos
Funny photos

These bridesmaids all look like little people but they are actually sitting on their partners’ legs, hence looking small.

We hope you’ve had a nice laugh, a bit of eye-opening surprise, and with a little bit of luck, a few head-swiveling moments as you thought we’d splashed NSFW all over your screen. The tricks, illusions, and head-scratchers here all had us laughing, smiling, and clicking “Send” to our friends. It’s been real! Or has it?

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