Photos That You Really Need To Look At TWICE To Understand

Sometimes a photo comes along that catches you completely off guard. You think you know what you saw, but did you really?

Sometimes, it looks like you’re seeing something extremely NSFW. Take a seemingly risky closer look though, and you’ll realize that your own mind provided the eye-popping observation; it’s simply a tricky angle or hilariously timed photo!

Some of these are a result of sheer luck, whilst others are intended to twist your brain and manipulate it , or let’s just say give it a bit of a work out to shake off any rustiness. Some are just intended to break a smile. So Approach these photos with an open mind and remember the saying:- don’t judge a book by it’s cover , it does apply to a few cases in here , specially our very first photo.

We love these experiences, so we’ve gathered a load of them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Geisha On A Train



We’re beyond curious: was this intentional or accidental? Regardless of the answer, the angle is perfect. We’re peering directly at the titular geisha, sitting right on a commuter train! She seems as disinterested as her fellow passengers, at least.

2. 4 Heads, 3 Bodies


These party girls look to be having a great night of celebration and fun. But what’s missing? A fourth body! Either the girls on the right are a set of conjoined twins, or the blonde’s body is floating somewhere off screen.

3- A Woman Without A Head ?
Funny photos
Funny photos

It may look like this woman doesn’t have a head but it actually is the effect of these mirrors which are separated by wood planks. And if you look closer , you will see that the person sitting next to her has the head of another lady showing up to be hers ! Talk about 2 for the price of 1.

4. Don’t Get Too Excited!


We know exactly what you think you saw, but we’re here to deflate your enthusiasm a bit. These girls are sitting right next to each other, and neither is spreading her legs. We do feel like giving props to the shoe choice, though!

5. Magic Muscles


That enigmatic grin says it all: she’s mastered the art of muscle magic, bursting out of her, uh, “Canoe Juices” shirt with a set of super ripped biceps! Or maybe it’s just her boyfriend helping out with the gun show.

6. Baby Butt


This one is pretty fantastic. The perfect timing and angle collude to give us a baby with a grown-ass adult bottom half. The little floppy white hat kind of puts a star at the top of this beach bound Christmas tree.