Photos that Prove Cropping Pics Cha...

Photos that Prove Cropping Pics Changes Everything

Cropping is one of the simplest ways to edit photos. Especially if you don’t want something included in your photo. But these photos take cropping to the next level. It’s so crazy that anyone can be fooled right away. Hilarious at the same time because of the ingenuity of the person in the photo. So here are a couple of photos that prove cropping pics changes everything. Get ready to be deceived.

13. Travel on a Budget12

What a smart guy. Who would have thought that his background was just a photo.

12. Peek-a-Boo13

Before heading to prom, his dad wants one photo. Unfortunately, he was also included in the photo. Now that explains his son’s face.

11. Shark Bird6

So the moral is don’t judge until you have seen the whole picture (pun intended) or the jokes on you.

10. Romantic Getaway5

The couples may be having the time of their life but the poor man obviously isn’t. So the next time we see a romantic getaway photo we’ll make sure that no other humans were harmed.

9. Shadow Play8

What a crazy difference. For a second there, your mind was running wild. Am I right?

8. Monkey Business9

He’s probably getting ready for a job interview. It’s almost perfect but he’s just missing another important thing. Wait ’til you see it.

7. Be Mine11

Cropping, every “Big” girls best friend. Instant allure achieved!

6. Giant Onesie7

That pretty girl with a gorgeous selfie may be hiding something else. Yes, confirmed!

5. Expectation vs Reality3

Want to look cool for the girls? Close enough.

4. Epic Selfie4

Instagram has been flooded with spicy selfies from girls everywhere. But how many of them is true? Just look at this one.

3. Gotcha!10

I bet you can’t believe your eyes the first time. But then again, cropping really does make a huge difference.

2. Workaholic 1a

He desperately wanted a vacation that he came up with this crazy idea. Got me there for a second.

1. Maximum Exposure2

Think you guys got lucky? Well, think again. And what a genius this girl is. Epic!

Hilarious and bewildering at the same time. These photos really prove cropping pics changes everything.


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