Photos That Show A Softer, Human Side Of Russia

Famous photographer Ansel Adams once said, “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” These wise words have echoed throughout the world of photography ever since and can be seen to have manifested in the realistic images captured by the talented and gifted Alexander Petrosyan.

It was in the early 2000’s when Petrosyan showed an interest in discovering the true nature of the world through the eyes of a camera lens. Since then, he has gone on to win multiple photography awards and his work has appeared in publications all across the world.

He attributes luck as the biggest factor in his career, but we think it’s his innate ability to see beauty in the ordinary. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of 10 insanely captivating and realistic photographs of Russia that Petrosyan has captured.

10. Old But Certainly Not Cold Or Incapable

Without sugar coating facts, Russia has one hell of a colorful history and its army has been involved in many battles over time. Yet, this weirdly confusing photograph doesn’t help in shedding light on what’s currently going on with their armed forces. Let’s hope he wasn’t using those binoculars in substitution for a pair of spectacles.

9. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

When we see a cold and snowy Russia, the first thing that pops into our minds is Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 4 training in the snowy mountains to battle Ivan Drago. This, however, isn’t something we’d ever imagine. For one, just how long has that car been parked in that very same spot to turn into a popsicle? Secondly, who would leave their cat in there?

8. A Different Kind Of Pedestrian On A Regular Russian Street

There’s a lot that can be questioned about this image, but we can all agree that at least the cattle in Russia know better than to break the laws of the road. This cow might just be a tad bit smarter than some rebellious citizens, wouldn’t you say so? The next slide is something you would ordinarily only see in a movie!

7. Painting The Town A Promiscuous Color Of Red

Even though we’ve crept into the era of digital technology and unorthodox jobs have come along with it, the oldest profession of them all continues to survive the test of time even in the land of one of the world’s most feared Superpowers. Nevertheless, sex work is better than no work.

6. Halloween Celebrations That Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

Halloween is one of those international holidays which is celebrated with an abundance of treats and costumes that loosely represent our favorite and popular fictional heroes. In Russia, however, Halloween is known to quickly escalate into an orthodox nightmare. So far, a few regions have even proceeded to implement a ban on Halloween celebrations where children can be negatively influenced.

5. No Best Friend Like A Fur Best Friend

Traditional media sells this image of Russia being a cold (in every sense of the word) and hard country, but in reality, it’s just like most places in the world with people who are going about their daily lives trying to survive. Also, they too are ruled by cute cats!

4. The Best Nights Are Spent Outside And Under The Russian Sky

Not all things in life have been altered with the digital age. Sometimes, camping on a roof in the company of a friend, family member or lover is more than enough to warm the hearts of Russian folks even in the coldest of conditions. Have you ever spend the night outside and on a roof with someone? If you think this is cute, we can’t wait until you see the next photograph!

3. It’s Not All Fun And Games For The Young

There are two things kids from every corner of the world hate: boring food and boring events. Petrosyan captured this truth with a perfectly-timed photograph of an incredibly annoyed little lady. If looks could kill, he probably wouldn’t have survived the soul destroying glare she directed at him.

2. Curiosity Killed The Cat And This Is Clearly One Curious Cat

No truer words have ever been spoken and we can vouch for that with this peculiar shot. Not only is this Garfield-lookalike sizing up the camera, but he or she seems completely oblivious to the dog just meters away. One thing is for sure, it’s raining cats and dogs in Russia.

1. Burning The Midnight Oil When The Rest Of The World Is Asleep

In a fast-paced modern world with chatter that emanates for miles, the only time everything and everyone slows down is when the clock strikes 12. There’s something beautiful about being plugged into the real and digital Russian world in perfect synergy. We believe most young adults can relate to this image!

Say what you like, but it cannot be denied that Russia is a country full of history, culture and vibrancy (even in the middle of winter) that can easily be seen within these photographs. The old carry a distinct sense of wisdom from the past and the young celebrate the wonders of their country with pride and vigor.

Often, the world is bombarded with political news that carries negativity from our brains to our hearts, but it’s people and photographers like Alexander Petrosyan who share a glimpse of the world through eyes without ulterior motives or agendas.

From what you’ve seen, would you be more interested in vacationing in Russia?


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