Photographic Proof That Everyday Life Can Be Petty And Unfair

It is no secret that some people are more fortunate than others. We all have met someone who leads a seemingly spotless, mistake-free existence, never spilling a drink or telling an awkward joke.

Some unpleasant situations are truly universal, though. Here are small-but-unfair situations that even the luckiest among us will find relatable!

17. The Terrible Tear


Nothing says ‘so close, yet so far away’ quite like a piece of toilet paper that is big enough to disrupt the perforations but too small to use.


16. Cleaning Product Conspiracy


Picture this: your window, counter top, mirror, or floor is dirty. You purchase a shiny new bottle of cleaning product, go to use it, and the handle breaks on the first try. Great.

15. One Sad Seatbelt


This is truly the worst: Trying to adjust your seatbelt when it tangles itself, rendering it useless. Not to mention that this only happens when you’re already running late.

Read on for more daily frustrations you never knew other people experienced…


14. Worst Thing Since Sliced Bread


Every now and then, a slice of bread with a natural gap in it comes along to ruin your sandwich mojo. This bummer situation is sure to occur in the life of every PB&J fan.


13. I Can’t Believe It Won’t Spread


Butter that is too cold to properly and evenly spread on a slice of bread might just be the third horseman of the apocalypse. The fourth? When cold butter tears the bread.

12. Truly A Trashy Situation


Do you ever feel like your trashcan has lied to you? Owners who have dumped their entire can over by stepping on the lid flipper can relate.

Next up is another household object that sometimes turns on us…


11. Fork You


You will never know true mealtime tragedy until you lose an entire eating utensil to a plate of goop, whether it’s a plate of sticky syrup or your favorite spicy dip.

10. Studious Suffering


Where are all the good pencils when you need them? It seems that in the grand history of pencil usage, sharpeners usually do more harm than good.


9. Denim Dilemma


Zippers are a truly hidden weapon of mass destruction. Let’s admit it, getting your zipper stuck in the folds of your fly feels a bit like having baby-proofed pants.

At least what’s on the next slide can be blamed someone else…

8. Spite On A Flight


With travel costs spiking, frequent fliers are well aware of the corners airlines are cutting in an effort to charge more. That being said, removing the window from a window seat seems harsh.


7. Thanks, Dan


We all are friends with somebody like Dan. On our worst days, some of us have even been Dan—it’s okay, just don’t let it happen again.


6. A True Pen-Justice


Cardboard packaging has been plaguing humanity since its invention. It’s as though your shiny new purchase actively doesn’t want to be put to any sort of use.

Getting it out of the package is only half the struggle. Read on to see where our favorite products sometimes go wrong…

5. One-Sided Sacrifice


Life knows no injustice like losing only one earbud cover. Could you theoretically buy a replacement? Sure, but it just won’t feel the same.


4. OK Computer (Not)


Autocorrect has truly become man’s best frenemy. If you feel like sometimes your computer rejects your words solely out of spite, you’re not alone.


3. Getting Tipsy


Face it—not every bowl is a strong, independent, food-containing vessel. Some bowls were made for tipping under pressure. The world may never know why.

Check out the next slide for another disappointment we often face at mealtime. Sigh. 

2. Cold As Ice


What do comic book characters and delightfully icy drinks have in common? They either die a hero or live long enough to see themselves become the villain.


1. A Sticky Situation


Whoever invented the little metal part of a tape dispenser that cuts the tape into clean pieces is a hero. Unfortunately, there are still many forms of tape that never got the memo.


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