Photographer Grabs Freaky Pictures Of Ghost Floating Overhead, We Investigate!

For those excited about the opportunity of being visited by demonic wraiths…well…you’re crazy, but you may also get your wish. It seems that Zambia may have witnessed the beginning of the invasion when a scout wraith was seen in their skies just last month! Exciting or terrifying? I’m not exactly sure how to react!

Once you see slide 9, you will be certain that this event could possibly change human history as you know it. However, slide 7 will reveal something huge you may not be expecting. Read on about our possible visitors in the sky.

10. What In The Devil Is That!?

Perhaps there really is something to the rumors! This picture is utterly terrifying! Could there have really been a wraith-like figure over the skies of Zambia?!  I’d immediately run and hide if that was in the clouds while I was driving. I’ve seen the original Independence Day far too many times.

9. Holy Ghoul!

Well… I wasn’t that hungry anyway… I didn’t need to shop… I can save a lot more money by never going to the mall again.

It makes sense that Zambian mall goers decided to run away in fear. Wait, if this actually did happen, wouldn’t it have made national news? The next slide is what this figure reminds me of…

8. Harry? Is That You?

Ah, so that’s where I’ve seen something similar. Several tabloid sites began likening the ghastly apparitions to the “Dementors” from Harry Potter lore. Yeah, it seems like there’s something up here. I’m starting to become just a little bit suspicious. Together we have to get to the bottom of this.

7. Well That Explains It

Leave it to Snopes to ruin a perfectly good demon invasion. Evidently, this was just one of many internet hoaxes started with some very basic digital manipulation. Yes, this was just simply a kite that was photoshopped into pictures in Zambia. I know you were hoping for demon spirits just like I was…

6. Seemingly These Are It

Evidently, the kite is called “Spirit Man.” They are the closest resembling kites on the internet that match those placed into the Zambia photographs. How disappointed are you right now? Not only is this story fake, you don’t have one of these cool (and extremely creepy) kites. What can you believe on the internet? Perhaps these other creepy cloud figures are real!

5. What About This One?

This picture of clouds in China drew quite a bit of attention in late 2015. The illusion is called “fata morgana” and was believed to be an amazing and rare occurrence. Yet, I’m skeptical after the Zambia incident, surely this was too good to be true as well, right?

4. Yeah…That Figures…

Yep, Snopes ruins a perfectly good story once again. What happened to alternative facts? Can’t we use those to make this story true? No? Fine. Well, all the buzz around the grainy video from where these images originate is indeed fake. Further evidence was never presented and no eye witnesses could be found to confirm seeing the “City In The Sky.”

3. Look At This Face In The Sky!

Ha! Snopes can’t take this one away from me, this is a real cloud and there’s a real demonic face in it! I mean… yeah… it’s just the clouds forming the face… but hey… at least it’s real? Can I pretend it’s scary and trying to kill us?

2. Here It Is In Black And White

Even scarier, right? Everything looks terrifying in black and white! …Okay, I give up. I know it isn’t scary and there aren’t any demons from another world hiding within the clouds. I guess we’ll just have to take clouds for being beautiful and peaceful, like the one on the next slide.

1. Namaste

Nice, peaceful, and relaxing. Just the way clouds should be… what if we used Photoshop to insert…? Okay, I know… let’s just focus on this beautiful sunset and not trying to fool millions of people over the internet. Too bad every night isn’t as beautiful as the one shown here.

So what have we learned today, class? Yes, all the pictures on the internet claiming that monsters (and cities) are in our skies are clear fakes. We have also learned to not believe everything we see on the internet because there are a lot of alternative facts floating around that make no sense. So what did you think about these pictures? Did you ever believe they were real? Did you believe the “City In The Sky” was a real illusion?

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