Perfectly Timed Photos You’d Struggle to Believe Are Real

In our modern world, photography is more ubiquitous than it has ever been. No matter where you go, you’re surrounded by cameras. Whether on cell phones, tablets, computers, CCTV, or even good old fashioned video cameras, there’s a chance that this very moment is being captured.

While we worry about overstuffing our Facebook pages and even legitimate privacy concerns, the biggest and most obvious affect this overabundance of cameras has had on the world is that we can and will capture nearly every interesting activity or event that occurs. No action, however small, can escape the gaze of the lens.

This brings us to today’s topic: perfectly timed photos. When cameras are trained in every direction in every moment, the odds of capturing something just right are always increasing. The massive collection of photos we’ve shared below prove this beyond a doubt. These are some of the most hilariously, touchingly, and surprisingly perfectly captured photos of all time.

1- Caught By Buddha

A tourist visiting this Buddhist shrine just happened to catch the exact moment when the enlightened one himself captured a passing jumbo jet by the tail. With his peaceful nature, we imagine everyone landed safely.

2- Photobombed By A Shark

Just when you thought it was safe to take another selfie, this happens. We assume the intrepid photographer was unharmed, or this image would have gone down with the ship, so to speak.

3- Fish Head

In this perfectly timed photo, we see a fish strategically pass right by a snorkeler’s head, creating a strange new hybrid for a brief moment.

4- Foot Head

If aliens from another galaxy tried to design a human based on a pile of parts, without knowing what we looked like, the results might appear something like this. A chance photo at the perfect moment captured this gymnast’s head fully tucked away while her foot takes its place.

5- Splashdown

Taking pictures at the beach is hard enough. With waves, wind, and water, a number of elements can ruin the shot. Luckily for this lady, her photography captured the exact second that a wave broke over her sandy throne.

6- Nebulous Horse Head

In a moment of confusing perspective, the woman standing by her horses appears to have had a teleportation accident, melding with her steed!

7- Water Hat

One of the most eye pleasing feats of modern photography is the ability to capture water in motion. Here we see an especially fun example, with a virtual waterborne hat floating on this child’s head.

8- Puppy Fishing

Whit it may appear that an especially coiffed labrador retriever is angling on this doc, we assure you that the redheaded woman is indeed holding the pole.

9- Big Man, Tiny Hat

Sometimes the perfect shot is all about perspective, even more than timing. Here we see a distant wall decal of a bowler hat resting atop the man in the striped sweater’s head.

10- Caught By Surprise

While you’ve likely seen dozens of images of birds catching their fishy prey, it’s not every day that we catch a moment like this. The fish was innocently leaping from the water directly into the bird’s beak, with a look of regret on its face.

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11- Fire Breathing Pooch

While we’re proud to boast of all the tricks our dogs can do, it’s fair to say that they aren’t as impressive as this seemingly fire-breathing pup. Can your pet light an entire campfire by himself?

12- Hosed Overboard

Perhaps in a demonstration of the power of a firehose, or a simple safety exercise accident, here we see a man blasting clear off the deck with a water cannon to the face. This one might sting a little!

13- Blow Out

Shaking your soda to get that rich, creamy volcano of fizz is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Capturing it mid-blast as a pair of toddlers look on is priceless.

14- Shadow Lovers
Shadow Couple

Even the dog can’t help but notice the what-if scenario presented by the shadows of these two passers-by. Unbeknownst to each of them, their shadows are embracing for a kiss.

15- Holy Pool

Is the dog so afraid of water that he literally skips across the surface? We may never know, but this pool walk reminds us of a certain holy healer.

16- Force Powers Activate

Leaping into the fray with a giant soap bubble, this child demonstrates her apparent force powers by bursting a wave from her outstretched hand.

17- Leaning Pool Entry

We got an especially good chuckle out of this one. While the tanned dude in the foreground makes sure not to smile too much, we see a lady in white apparently standing diagonally over the pool. This is the calm before the storm.

18- Cool Haircut

Sometimes the perfect timing means adding confusion, not clarity. Here we have a boy whose buzz cut seems to have sprouted a ponytail.

19- Ride The Lightning

It’s not only Thor who can wield lightning with his trusty hammer, Molnir. Apparently, Lady Liberty is a fan of storm control, too!

20- Face Pole

There’s not much that can be said about this unfortunately and perfectly timed image. While our tourist clad in Canadian Tuxedo stands at left, a commuter absolutely nails a light pole to his right.

21- Glass Lake
Touching Water

While we’ve already seen a dog run on water, this striking shot shows us a man doing apparent hand-stands on a lake. The glass-flat body of water makes for a perfect reflection, milliseconds before a dive.

22- Cloudy With A Chance Of Gas

The angle was right and the posture helped it along: we’ve got a man farting out cumulonimbus clouds into the atmosphere.

23- Meat Head

We’re pretty sure that this isn’t what’s meant by the term “meat head,” but we’ll give it a pass. Somehow this man’s entire face has been replaced by a tasty looking sausage.

24- Low Blow

Dogs are usually big fans of frisbees and thrown objects of any sort. However, this little bull dog looks like he’s done for the day after a disc nailed his nether regions.

25- Bird’s Eye View

In a fascinating stroke of luck, this pet parrot was still for one crucial second, allowing his owner to appear to be looking right through the bird. When eyes of different sizes line up perfectly like this, you know it’s been a good day.

26- Centaur Bride

With perfect timing and a little help from a billowy wedding dress, this groom is suddenly married to a mythical creature.

27- Smiling Cat

Who says that cats are evil? This little guy found something special in the window, with a child’s reflection providing the smile for a perfectly timed photo.

28- Magic Carpet Ride

Sometimes it’s about more than the timing. With this image, we see how a strategically place shadow makes a world of difference, with the speaking woman appearing to float high above the sand.

29- Pegasus Arise

Speaking of mythical creatures, one intrepid photographer was able to capture one when a massive goose leapt behind his cattle and spread his wings for takeoff.

30- Aquatic Attraction

While house cats usually shun water, their larger wild cousins are big fans of the wet stuff. In a flash, this tiger shook nearly every drip from his fur as the photographer captured it all mid-air.

31- New Continent?

While the Olympic rings traditionally represent the five physical continents of earth, a photographer captured this perfect moment when the moon made six. Would it be Antarctica, or somewhere beyond?

32- Butterfly Mask
Butterfly Eyes

The perfect serendipity of this photo is hard to overstate. Butterflies evolved with eye-like patterns to fool predators, and when one landed before this woman’s face, the combination was irresistible.

33- Giraffe Dog

While we realize that this is clearly tow different dogs, it’s much more fun to imagine that the boxer on the left has an especially giraffe-like neck, allowing him to survey the landscape.

34- Leggy Bartender

With a mirrored bar and a little luck, one photographer managed to capture this suave bartender with a pair of shapely legs in a pencil skirt below his suit-vested top.

35- Not Sure If Real

While the more likely explanation is that this dog was simply checking out an interesting spot on the wall, we like to imagine that he saw the finely crafted chalk outline of a fellow canine and became especially curious.

36- Meta Bus Ad

While gigantic ads may bother us in day to day life, they occasionally make for especially twisty moments of meta visuals. Here we see a water sliding couple appear to break the boundaries of their two dimensional ad, spraying onto the flooded streets themselves.

37- Invisible Touch

While we can likely chalk this one up to wind, it still looks exactly like something’s popping up under this woman’s skirt, and the monkey can’t hide his surprise.

38- Oceanic Cloak

This is a grand example of the best type of perfectly timed photograph, capturing still a moment that would normally pass by unseen. The shark rises from the depths and briefly carries a shroud of water over his head, in a bit of accidental modesty.

39- Slinky Cat

Much like his companion, well known in childhood bedrooms and the Toy Story movies, the slinky cat has trouble getting around properly. Or maybe an insulating tube made perfect sense of a pair of similar looking felines?

40- Breaking Out In A Yawn

There’s hardly an organization on earth more uniformly organized than the military, but sleepiness knows no bounds. One man made for a perfectly symmetry-breaking photograph.

41- Aquatic Chase

Similar to our fish head photo at the beginning of this article, we’ve got a fish with a human arm! The sly look in his eye says that he knows what’s going on, and he likes it.

42- That Really Is Where Babies Come From

New parents love gently tossing their babies into the air, but we doubt this father knew that he was about to illustrate the oldest lie in the book: that storks deliver babies!

43- On Her Face

You’ve probably heard of “cat beards,” but this wily ferret owner took the photographic practice to a new level of cute. The roaring weasel makes for a perfect combination with his owner’s face.

44- “You Caught It!”

While the junior giraffe may not have been begging for it, we’re sure he felt surprised and pleased when his mother appeared to snatch this single engine plane from the sky.

45- Shutting Down An Argument

There comes a point in every argument when you realize that it’s not going to end on its own. This bird took initiative, closing his friend’s beak.

46- Losing Its Sting

We all know that bees die shortly after losing their stingers. But have you ever seen exactly how it happens? Here’s a painful reminder!

47- Elephant Applause

It appears that this pachyderm witnessed something so incredibly funny, it toppled onto its back, trying to clap its front feet. We don’t speak elephant, but we know joy when we see it.

48- I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

When the angle hits just right, even a condiment packet can look like the morning newspaper. This intrepid chipmunk appears positively aghast at what he sees today.

49- Window Seat

In an enclosed courtyard deep beneath the roof of a high rise apartment complex, it’s rare to see more than clouds or the sun at noon, but someone snapped this incredible shot of a passenger airliner cruising directly overhead. Timing doesn’t get much better.

50- Titanic Fail

This couple tried to recreate the famous poster shot from the legendary film Titanic, where Leonardo DiCaprio embraced Kate Winslet on the titular cruise liner. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, a seagull decided to headbutt the pair.

51- Beer Window


With impeccable timing, this photograph captures the moment a pair of young lovers embraced and spilled an entire beverage, creating a temporary window.

52- Chili Breath


Yes, this is an image of someone puking. The cool thing is how it almost looks like fire, or even hair. The spoon in the man’s hand, plus his satisfied smile, tells us chili, though.

53- Belly Quake


54- Boxer Tongue


Many folks love kisses from man’s best friend. They may not expect the lasso-like power of a boxer’s tongue, though, and that’s what makes this photo priceless.

55- Throwing Shade


The look of glee on the man’s face is matched only by the sudden realization dawning on the face of the woman. This perfectly captured moment sees a bit of waterborne shade before it makes a splash.

56- Trading Faces


Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring us pleasure. Like this, the sight of a woman trading heads with her boyfriend in a funny moment of coincidence and awkward angles.

57- Snowball To The Face


There’s rarely anything more satisfying than really nailing your friends in the face with a snowball, with the exception of capturing it perfectly on camera.

58- Bedroom Goat


Words cannot describe what’s happening in this bedroom. Why is there a goat? What was happening before this? We may never know, but we do know that the look on the woman’s face is utterly priceless.

59- Swingset Superman


Not everyone can make it in the world of stunts. The woman here appears to have gotten her takeoff angle slightly wrong. We can only hope she stuck the landing, regardless!

60- Inky Horseman


This incredible shot comes courtesy of fluid dynamics, shaping a wild stallion and rider in black by pure chance.

61- This Is How We Walk On The Moon


You don’t get many better angled shots than this. The parachuter appears to be touching down gently right on the moon’s surface. He’s preparing to dance, perhaps?

62- The Devil Over Your Shoulder


In an immaculate moment of ironic happenstance, the sunset created a perfect pair of glowing red horns, peeking over the cloud cover, behind a humble church.

63- Quidditch Champion


Just because he’s a musclebound frat boy doesn’t mean he can’t be a fan of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Look at him soar, right out of that second story window, on a broom!

64- She’s About To Be Unhappy


Apparently, not everyone’s fan of crowd surfing. This young woman, and possibly those around her with phones held high, are about to have a wet moment.

65- Moon Child


When the perfect timing and perfect angle align, we get magic moments like the birth of a full moon. These ladies knew exactly what they were doing.

66- Little Man


You’re going to have to look really closely at this image to see exactly what’s going on. Is that a tiny man riding the woman without a saddle? Or just a wonderful trick played on our eyes?

67- Death Defying Ejection


When testing on this Harrier jet went awry, it took quick thinking on the part of the pilot to escape alive. This incredible shot is a testament to that great combination of instinct and years of training.

68- Full Metal Q-Tip


While this could be mere field testing of an RPG, we like to think that this soldier was helping his fellow man out with a major ear cleaning operation.

69- Epic Water Balloon Fight


This photo captures that perfect moment in a water balloon fight, one that we rarely get to see in person. The boy in the middle was nailed right in the face and we get to see the split second aftermath in perfect clarity!

70- Pool For A Hat


There’s not much you could say about a man wearing an entire swimming pool as a hat. He wins the day, right?

71- Spilly McGee


Wedding photography is usually an uneventful job, but sometimes lightning strikes in the most perfect way. It looks like the best man is going to need another gin martini after this!

72- Whale Of A Good Time


Maybe the majestic sight of a cresting humpback whale was too much for this man to handle, or perhaps he was just a little seasick. Either way, it both ruined and absolutely made a perfectly timed photo!

73- Half Life


This is one of the most serendipitous photos on our list, capturing the exact millisecond when this bubble was half gone. The immaculate split is perfectly timed so that we can even see reflections of the photographer and other people in the bubble!

74- Half Balloon


In a similar vein to our prior photo, here we see a water balloon at the exact moment it’s being struck by a needle. The surface of the balloon itself seems to have been cleaved in half.

75- Dolphin Photobomb


However friendly our aquatic mammalian friends may be, this toddler is not pleased to have a dolphin enter the frame. She just wanted a picture all to her self!

76- Baby’s First Photo Poop


When this young father had dramatic black and white photos taken with his newborn baby, he knew the risks. Thankfully for the world, his photographer caught an accident at the perfect moment, preserved for history.

77- “Wat?”


We don’t advise trying to turn your head as far back as it appears this lady is doing! The fanciful combination of timing and camera angle strikes again.

78- “I do.”


Speaking of aquatic photobombs, it looks like this shark is stealing the new bride all for himself. Watch out, groom!

79- Mirror Mystery


Here’s a lovely trick that we’ve seen staged since the beginning of photography, one that’s so mystifying we can never stop looking. With a simple mirror and the right pose, you too can disappear into the background.

80- Incredible Shrinking Bride


While it looks like this new bride is a bit overzealous, leaping onto her husband’s shoulders with apparently tiny legs, it’s another fantastic optical illusion. The castle was exciting enough, we suppose.

81- Bursting From Within


If this were a sci-fi movie, we’d be ducking for cover! This goddess statue appears to be bursting at the seams with the energy of the sun, but thankfully it’s just a bit of the sun itself passing through.

82- My Arm Or Your Leg?


While the woman on the right had the unfortunate timing to appear as hairy as a grown man’s leg, we think the real tragedy is that she had to spend time near jean shorts.

83- We Know What You’re Thinking


Here’s an internet classic: the woman apparently bursting out of her top. While a few seconds’ glance will reveal the elbow truth, we feel that there’s still some mileage left in this photo.

84- Cave Eyes


Caves in the American wilderness are some of the most spectacular geographic features on earth, and this particularly striking one had a perfect moment before the camera when the moon passed by, creating a unique expression in the night sky.

85- Well This Is Awkward


Did you get excited for a moment? There’s something weird happening here, and it’s probably in your mind. Even Che Guevara seems to be judging us from his tee-shirt above.

86- Well That’s Just Like Your Opinion, Man


While many of us have our own strong opinions about the biggest coffee company on earth, it’s surprising when the corporate fleet seems to agree!

87- Love Birds


While their beautiful plumage helped, it took perfectly timed photography to achieve this adorable little avian heart.

88- Stupid Pet Tricks


While we all enjoy a good video compilation of dogs failing to catch food in their mouths, we humans tend to look even more silly when we do the same!

89- Jumping Four Wheeler


It looks like these boys got a little overzealous with the throttle when grandma said they could take the four wheeler out for a spin. Grandma looks almost as surprised as the boy toppling off the back!

90- These Girls Love The Lake


This one took some careful planning and likely a few tries to get right, but the girls formed a perfect heart shape as they leapt into the water. There’s not much sweeter imagery on this list.

91- You Lookin’ At Me?


The V-shaped wake from a boat can be a hypnotic thing to watch, and many of us have taken the time to document it in photography. This boat ride, however, was accompanied by a flock of especially curious seagulls, with a leader apparently ready for his close-up!

92- Good Vibrations


MMA fighting is one of the most intense, toughest sports on earth, and is also one of the most widely photographed. When a pair of finely honed fighters enter the ring, anything can happen. It’s still rare to capture a split second like this, when a fighter’s skin is rippling from a kick.

93- All Eyes On Her


When Tony Parker brings his wife Eva Longoria to a game, it seems like the men can’t keep their eyes on the ball anymore. Look closely, and you’ll notice exactly one man who isn’t staring!

94- Don’t Judge


We know exactly what your first thought was, seeing this picture, but you’re wrong. That’s two different sets of legs, not an especially carefree one!

95- Hair On Fire


There’s really nothing more to be said here; the picture speaks for itself. This woman is about to have an emergency visit with her hair dresser.

96- Dancing Dreamer


While this little bulldog may dream of a life in the arts, his owner looks extremely skeptical. We say, let the little guy soar like the ballerina he is!

97- Clifford’s Cousin


Most of us grew up reading about Clifford, the big red dog. We don’t expect to see something like him in real life, however. This perfectly timed and angled photo allows this faithful pup to appear 10 times the size of his fishing owner.

98- Love Cats


While cats are known, wrongly or not, to be grumpy, unsympathetic creatures, we would like to take this opportunity to show that they believe in love as much as any of us.

99- Dodgeball


“You’re out!” The best part about this perfectly timed image is the utter lack of expression on the woman’s face. Glasses flying off, cheek compressed, and the hit hasn’t registered yet.

100- Queen Of Ice


Figure skating sure has gotten extreme recently! While this pair looks straight out of a weird fantasy movie, we can thank perfectly timed photography for this image, reminding us of the royalty featured on playing cards.

101- Dancing On My Own


Our final image is another breathtaking shot of someone appearing to dance upon the water with Christlike footing. While we assume she’s actually leaping into the ocean from a boat, it’s simply more fun this way. Dance on, girl!

We hope that our extensive collection of perfectly timed photos has brightened your day and brought some laughs to your life. When the forces of happenstance and the ubiquity of cameras collide, magic can happen. Each of these spectacular images is a testament to the equally graceful and clumsy, and ultimately wondrous, world around us.

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