Perfect These Sex Positions And The Ladies Will Love You

Sometimes, it’s hard to please your lady. But despite public opinion, size doesn’t matter. It’s all about the sexual positions you use and your ferocity between the sheets.

Sure, sex is about love and intimacy, but it can be fun too! These 10 maneuvers – from novice to expert kinks – will enable you to connect and explore with her in a plethora of different ways. And most importantly, they will deliver that BIG finish that will get all of the women to adore you.

Here are 10 sex positions that you should be mastering to get all of the women to love you.

10. This One Isn’t As Boring As They Say

While most folks would consider the missionary position boring, it really isn’t. It’s intimate and it delivers results, enabling you to look deep into her eyes as you both reach the finish line. The positioning also allows you to stimulate her clitoris, which 70% of women need to orgasm.

9. For The Ass Man

If you’re an ass man, you’ll love checking out the view from this position. It also gives the girl the utmost control, allowing her to control speed, depth, and hip movement. Plus, it helps you to last much longer, which is key to any great orgasm. Yee haw! Ride him, cowgirl!

8. If You’re That Bored, Do It With A Twist

Missionary sex will never be looked at the same again! Putting her legs over your shoulders allows for a better ease of thrust as well as deeper penetration, enabling you to hit her where it counts – the G-spot. She will scream out in joy and ecstasy and while she may have sore muscles in the morning, what did she Sexpect?

7. The Acute Angle

This position is great for those that have leg pain. Have you lady lie on her back and stick her legs up in the air, but keep her knees soft. Hold them instead of putting them on your shoulders and enter her from a standing position and touch her where it counts.

6. Lazy Doggy Style

Also called the Downward Dog, the collapsed doggy is an awesome sex position for lazy ladies. It’s so good, she might even start to snooze (not because of bad sex, just because it’s the ideal sleep position after a long and hard day at work). Just be sure to cuddle afterwards.

5. Up Close And Personal

By the time you’re a certain age, you should have had sex on as many surfaces as possible, including a chair. While you could try this position on a bed, a chair gives you more leverage, allowing you to get to the big “O” with a little hip action.

4. The Right Angle

The dirty little cousin of the Acute Angle, this position allows her to get a great view of your entire body. While her legs might feel a little sore afterward, it was well worth the workout. Just tell her that she can now skip tomorrow’s yoga class without feeling guilty about it.

3. The Curled Spoon

This one is similar to a regular spoon, but your partner will have her knees curled to her chest. Because she’ll be in the fetal position, she’ll feel protected, as well as have to do minimal work, both of which women love. Plus, it’ll make you look big, tough, and strong – which ladies love also.

2. The Spoon

As with missionary, the spoon is an old favorite. And women agree because it’s basically just a sexier version of cuddling. Lie with her back facing your front, and be sure to put an arm under her neck for some leverage, or play with her clit for extra sensation.

1. And The Classic

If your gal loves to be in control, hand it over to her! Being on top is definitely a pleaser because the ladies get to fully control the speed of motion and depth. The rocking motion will also make you last longer, which is an added bonus to your romp between the sheets.

While most men learn how to become sex gods through trial and error leaving plenty of disappointed women in their wake, mastering these 10 sex positions will have the babes fawning all over you.

From missionary and doggy style to reverse cowgirl and the acute angle, you will be able to keep the ladies coming back for second, and even third helpings. Who needs Tinder when you have an arsenal of awesome sex positions that chicks dig?

Don’t get too cocky, now! You still need to actually land a date, which is probably another article on this site somewhere…


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