These People Bragged On Social Medi...

These People Bragged On Social Media And Are So Full Of Sh– It Hurts

The Internet has changed how we interact with other people forever. Much of it is positive. For example, social media allows us to stay in touch with a broader range of people than ever before and communicate globally.

Some of it, however, isn’t so great. There are the endless pictures of people’s dinner and uninteresting snippets of their lives to deal with, and then there are the braggarts and trolls.

These seven people simply went way too far in promoting their own nonsense. We’re surprised that they didn’t get shot down by others. You really won’t believe number four on our list, it’s just incredible.

7. Too Sexy For Her Shirt

@Trish1981 complains, “No makeup on, hair’s not done, toothpaste stains down the front of my shirt, pretty sure I’m not wearing deodorant. Still get hit on. *sigh*”

Life can be so cruel at times, can’t it? Then there’s the poorly disguised humble brag. Take this out of our feeds please Tricia.

6. Name Dropping

If you don’t have anything interesting to say about yourself, you can always try and make yourself more interesting by pretending to know famous people like Jason Berger who said, “My email got hacked. So I just sent Olivia Munn an email about Viagra. Great.”

Sure you did, Jason.

5. We Weren’t Watching

Tom Sibley, the not-so-famous actor, is the victim of what might best be described as “wishful thinking.” He brags, “I’ve appeared in enough golf product commercials that there is no way Bill Murray hasn’t seen me on TV. And THAT’s my biggest achievement.”

We haven’t seen you Tom, so Bill probably hasn’t either. He probably hasn’t heard of the person in slide number two for that matter.

4. Lacking Evidence

There’s something particularly distasteful about people who boast about money and @RealKidPoker does not break the mold on this one. He says, “I’d be the WORST at Price is Right! Brought 20K to buy a monitor, it was $350. @MandaLeatherman can vouch for how clueless I am with prices.”

3. Too Much Information

There are things that none of us need to hear about on social media, ever. Sadly, nobody has explained that to @leiapico, “Having huge boobs makes shopping for nice clothes really hard. Button-downs are like ‘LOLOL NICE TRY!'” Exactly the same way as anyone who ever read that Tweet, really.

2. Who Again?

Jim Beaver’s minor roles on fairly obscure TV shows led to this ridiculous boast on Twitter, “Pilot recognized me from DEADWOOD & JUSTIFIED as I was getting on a plane. Made people wait while he asked about the shows. #Flatterbarrassing.” There’s a first time for everything then, right Jim?

1. Poor Baby

Some humble brags are OK, some make you seriously unlikeable and we’re not surprised this brag was posted anonymously. They said, “Man this is SOunfair! Why did the lambo dealership not tell me I’d get pulled over once a week in this car? Time for a corolla lol!”


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