These People Are So Absolutely Sexy It’s Ruining Their Lives

Has anyone every told you that you are too pretty? Me either. There are some people out there who are so attractive it puts an inconvenience on their lives. It’s not their fault they look so good. They can’t help being super sexy. There are many ways you can deal with being hot. We just don’t know what they are.

Thankfully, we’ve come across these 10 people who have been living the sexy life for some time and it is causing undue stress. Follow along as they take us through their lives being beautiful and how they deal with all of the attention.

10. Darn All This Stupid Attention!

Having a lot of guys ready to do your bidding is a lot of things, but interesting is not one of them.

“Within the past year. I didn’t think I was unattractive before, but I went through a rough breakup and lost about 18 pounds. Got a new wardrobe, changed my hair. My friends are almost all guys and friends of my ex, and they started hitting on me even though getting with a bro’s ex is forbidden. It got to where I couldn’t really go out to a bar without getting hit on. Waiting for a friend at a pub became a game of avoiding glancing at anyone on accident or they’d come chat me up.

“At the same time, it’s given me more confidence because people automatically seem to like me more, even other girls. And people are more willing to give me what I want. Like if I’m waiting in line or asking for a favor, they’re more willing to do what I ask. It’s interesting.”

9. Being Attractive Is Uncomfortable

Perhaps you become a bitter douchebag because you are a bitter douchebag. Nah, that can’t be it.

“As a guy who has gone from extremely skinny to really fit twice in 3 years, I can tell you It gets uncomfortable. Mainly because the second time around you realize how shallow people are. Little things like acquiring help are easier when you’re attractive, but making friends as an attractive guy is probably one of the most belittling things you can experience… People just assume you’re a douchebag…. End result… you become a bitter douchebag.”

For a She’s All That situation check out #8.

8. Confident College Student

“I went through some seriously [unattractive] years in school (like enough to break mirrors and strike fear into the hearts of those who looked upon me), so when I grew my hair out and started wearing more flattering clothes and contact lenses, I was really taken aback by the attention I got. Went from forever alone super virgin to actually having compliments and random customers/other students flirting. I actually like getting cat-called, I was always self-conscious about my looks so actually getting attention still boosts my confidence because I never expect it.”

So, what’s it going to be ladies, do we cat call, do we not cat call? Some women actually enjoy it. I’m so confused.

7. Being Sexy And Solo

This next person had a rough time getting used to having good looks. “I’d say that time at college was where I really discovered that people thought I was beautiful. Dates were never hard to find in life when I wanted them, but I realized I could actually go for a higher caliber of a partner who would treat me better. I think that’s the only thing that’s changed for me. My personality has always been the same–goofy and always laughing and out-there and a little geeky–but I realized I could date hotter people if I choose and still have enough choice to find the ones with great personalities too.

“Misconceptions about me? I get told by friends and acquaintances that before they got to know me, they 100% assumed I was [mean] and that I’m apparently intimidating to talk to–which is probably why I’m usually having to make the first move with friends and potential partners alike.

“Also, you’d think to be attractive would mean you’re less lonely. But you find out that the people who surround you are often not your true friends and are actually using you for some reason or another. So you may find yourself in a room full of people who know your name and act like they want to know you, and you’ll find you feel more alone than ever.”

For a poor soul who has been cursed with good looks since a very young age, find yourself at #6.

6. Always Been Prett

“I’ve always been pretty. Since I was 12 I’ve had boys lust after me, been cat-called in the street, and people in the elevator would compliment my parents on how nicely I grew up. Honestly, it started going to my head. I probably would have turned completely shallow if not for 1) my brothers who gave me [crap] every time I started acting snotty, and 2) I went to a high school with an amazingly large population of beautiful girls. Like, seriously it was astounding. I went to a performing arts high school in NYC, and many of my classmates were working models and actresses. I figured out real quick I wasn’t going to be the “token pretty girl” in any groups anymore. It really put me in my place and made me develop a personality beyond my looks.”

Getting cat-called went to your head? No! Good thing the brothers were there to keep her in check.

5. At Least Sexy People Get Free Drinks
“I hate it. I’ve never felt beautiful, I can almost feel grotesque some days. I feel like it’s all just lies and that someone is gonna jump out and scream ‘psych!!!’ soon and tell me that I’m as [unattractive] as I feel. I tend to try and hide my face behind big sunglasses and I often wear shawls wrapped loosely over my head because most of the time I just want to be left alone. It’s great when you want to get into a club though, and I rarely have to pay for alcohol because I’ve always got a couple of men standing by waiting to buy me drinks. Even though I tell them I’m gay. Oh well!”

If only you could be pretty strictly at to the club. Oh well, keep on spending your days hidden behind sunglasses. Good looks are such a bother.

4. Stop Telling Her She’s Attractive
“People always used to tell me I was pretty and that I should be a model and whatnot, and I always figured it was bull because I never cared about my appearance until around college.

“In college though, I did start to try to make myself look nice, and it was actually really horrible what happened afterward. Literally, four of my closest guy friends who I had been really close with came out and said they had always had crushes on me, and although I tried to let them down in the nicest way possible those relationships just aren’t the same. I feel really guarded around them now.

“I also just started feeling really objectified and it made me think about a lot of stuff–like, I always question if guys are talking to me because they’re actually interested in me, or if they just think I’m hot. And I think being valued so much for your appearance is really damaging psychologically too. I never felt this way before but now suddenly I’m really worried about how people will treat me when I get older and am not longer hot and young. It’s really depressing, honestly. Ignorance is bliss.”

That’s what happens when you send your buddies to the friend zone. People will find you interesting if you are interesting.

3. He Didn’t Like Being Hot Anymore
“I was never really [unattractive] in high school, just nerdy and never really took care of myself. Started working out, got a haircut, and became less of a dork. I’m not hot, just good looking.

“After I became single during junior year, I was a douche. Always trying to sleep with people, constantly talking about the gym and drinking, that kind of stuff. Eventually, I realized what I’d become and that most of my friends didn’t like me anymore.. and that I didn’t like me anymore. So I stopped and just kind of settled down.

“I have a girlfriend now, but still get hit on by girls, especially at parties. It’s fun to play along and be flirty for a while, but never cross a line.”

So you can be a douchebag without really being a douchebag? At least you never cross the line. You are a benefit to society.

2. Don’t Confuse Awkwardness For Being A Jerk
“I’ve always been the guy who got the pretty girl. The only way I’m aware that it’s affected my personality is that I have to be extra nice, or people will assume I’m a [jerk] because I’m handsome. Kind of annoying really, people assume I’m being patronizing when really I’m just somewhat awkward.”

People assume you are a jerk because you’re handsome? That makes perfect sense. Not. Let’s go to #1 and meet a girl who broke out of her shell after a makeover.

1. Makeover Almost Ruined Everything
 “I was always the ‘quiet one’ in primary school, so I didn’t get any attention, good or bad, and automatically assumed I couldn’t look that great to anyone out there. Then for the year 6 school disco my friends did the classic 10-year-old girl thing and gave me a makeover, I got compliments all night, felt incredibly confident because of all these people paying attention to me who wouldn’t have talked to me otherwise, and from then on I just kept feeling better about myself.”

An extra confidence boost is nice for people who can’t seem to break out of their shell.


As you can see, being beautiful isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you will get a lot more attention, as well as a few free drinks every now and again. The biggest negative aspect of being sexy is the fact that most people will judge you for your looks and will most likely not get to know the real you. You become an object of their heart’s desire. Your body becomes the tool of lust.

Before you go through your extreme makeover, think about the consequences. To us, you’re already beautiful so don’t change a thing.


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