A Peek Inside 12 Luxurious And Lavish Celebrity Closets


If your interests meet at the intersection of fashion, interior design, and style, peep this collection of celebrity closets. They’re filled to the brim with Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and more, and they’re decorated with plush velvet and glass chandeliers dangling from the ceiling. From Christina Aguilera’s fun and flirty leopard print décor to Paris Hilton’s breathtakingly glamorous mirrored space, you’re sure to see something that catches your eye—you also might be surprised to learn which star’s closet is small but still stylish.

Read on for a peek into their fashionable lives and homes!



12. Tamara Mellon

The Jimmy Choo co-founder recently listed her fashionable Upper East Side penthouse on the market for $27 million. Her killer walk-in master closet has a gorgeous dressing room, and her shoe shelves are filled with over 1,000 pairs of footwear. “Everything is in its place,” she told Vogue.
11. Lauren Conrad

Reality television star, author, and fashion designer Lauren Conrad just sold her Beverly Hills penthouse for $2.8 million. It featured this majorly chic walk-in closet with sliding mirrored doors and great décor.


“On the inside, it’s organized chaos, but I know where everything is,” she told InStyle.

10. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a trademark diva, so it should come as no surprise that she decorated her closet space with plenty of gold accents and bleached wood floors. The racks and shelves are filled with glamorous red carpet gowns and she has called the shoe closet her “favorite room in the house.”

9. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian used to organize closets for the stars before she became a star in her own right. She’s a fashion and style junkie, so she turned a guest bedroom into her master closet and decorated it with boutique vibes by choosing to “showcase the most beautiful” items she owns.

8. Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora combined two bedrooms to create the master closet in her 49,000-square-foot home. The fashion designer’s wardrobe is packed with bling, from sky-high stilettos to luxury handbags and more. Among the décor is an hourglass filled with 5,000 tiny diamonds—truly fabulous stuff.
7. Khloé Kardashian

Khloé’s massive closet is actually devised from two bedrooms and filled with her collections of athleticwear, stilettos, handbags, and more. “I don’t have kids, so why not?” she said. “I was very hands-on in the design process. I’m obsessed with details, so I can be a bit controlling, but it’s only because I’m genuinely curious.”

6. Christina Aguilera

Award-winning singer Christina Aguilera has two giant, crazy-awesome closets, all designed to match her wild and flirty personality. The spaces are covered with leopard print carpet and include a salon-style beauty bar for hair and makeup. A library ladder helps her reach the heights of the tall shelves filled with designer shoes.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker’s $22 million Greenwich Village townhouse features a closet that’s straight out of Sex and the City. She describes it as smaller than many of her friends’ closets, though.


“It’s fine. It’s not big,” she told InStyle. “I have a lot of stuff that I’ve had for 25, 30 years that I consider in rotation.”

4. Theresa Roemer

Theresa Roemer is a Texas socialite with a 3,000-square-foot closet in her home. The closet is three stories with a spiral staircase and it cost $500,000 to build out. Roemer’s home was actually burglarized in 2014, and the thief stole a million dollars of jewelry, clothes, footwear, and accessories.

3. Miranda Kerr

This Victoria’s Secret Angel has a closet that’s supremely fitting for a supermodel. The space is packed with lingerie, fur, and designer handbags and luggage. A plush pink sofa, chandelier, and white fur rug stand out against the espresso wood floors, making it the kind of room that any woman would love to lounge in.

2. Ashley Tisdale

Actress Ashley Tisdale has a 3,500-square-foot home that her father, contractor Michael Tisdale, built for her. Two of the home’s four bedrooms make up the closet.

“I wanted color to pop off the hangers, and I wanted it clean,” she told InStyle. “I insisted on marble. My father said, ‘It’s going to be cold. You’re going to want carpet.’ We’re both headstrong. He ended up being right. But it’s still beautiful!”

1. Paris Hilton

It’s no surprise that Paris Hilton’s closet is just as lavish and glamorous as the life she leads. The reality television star and heiress adorned the space with mirrors and chandeliers.

“My closet is so big and gorgeous, my girlfriends walk in and say they feel like they’re in a dream world,” she told Life & Style. “It looks like a work of art.”

From Christian Louboutin stilettos to Louis Vuitton bags, true shopaholics and décor addicts are likely lusting after these lavish and glamorous shots. Can you imagine calling a spot like this your home? It takes lots of time and money to put together celebrity cribs like these—and they can afford to hire interior decorators and stylists to help with these tasks, of course. If you’re feeling inspired to make changes to your closet, visit Pinterest for ideas and organizing tips! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to upgrade your own wardrobe and turn it into something that makes you feel fabulous.