Before And After Party Pics That Show The Devastation Of Going Too Hard

Internet trends come and go like Justin Bieber’s sanity. However, there is one particular trend that might be here for the long haul and it’s something we can all relate to. It’s Saturday night. You’re looking fine and ready to hit the scene and hit it hard. Everything feels good and your posse essentially rules the world. That is until Sunday morning.

Anyone who’s gotten drunk on Saturday night knows that Sunday morning is a rude wake-up call. Emotionally and physically, it’s just a disaster. Don’t feel bad though, for you are not alone. Just check out these 10 before and after party pics for your own comfort. Number eight might make you quit drinking altogether.

10. From Bridesmaids To Boozehounds

This one is a classic. In the before picture, you can see what looks like three, sane, beautiful women at a wedding. All is well as the sun glistens off their smiling faces. Fast forward a few hours though and a new picture tells a different story. The trio is nearly unrecognizable and looks almost animalistic in behavior. Fortunately for them, that picture is on the internet for eternity.

9. Three Friends Show How Not To Take Shots

“Shots! Yeah, that’s a healthy and responsible way to drink tonight!” said nobody ever. Looking at the before picture of these three amigos, one might think a fun and jovial night is ahead. Smiles and good vibes all around but for the experienced drinkers out there, shots have a nasty way of getting revenge. The after picture explains it all.

8. Not Even A Popped Collar Can Save This Guy

Just look at this guy. All too suave with his polo sweater and popped collar. He’s thinking “yeah, I’m casually holding a beer.” Yeah, you certainly are. For now. Not even a popped collar and a confident smile can save your face from melting later on. Lesson learned? Probably not. That’s far from the worst of it though. Read on to number five for a story that will make you question existence.

7. Elderly Woman Realizes She’s Not That Young

We all know those older people who just can’t let go of their youth. You see them out at the bars on Saturday night trying to keep up with the youngins. They may walk and talk the part but we all know inside, they just can’t take it. Take a look at this before and after picture for proof. She may look like a werewolf on Sunday morning but give her credit for trying.

6. Alcohol Turns Girl Ugly Overnight

We’ve all heard that alcohol can make people seem more attractive but can it also work the other way around? It does for this particular girl. The before shot shows a young, attractive lady ready to take on the world. Sunday morning though tells a different tale. Is that even the same person? Where did her style go? Alcohol wins again.

5. A Face Tells A Thousand Tales

They say a face tells a thousand tales. Well, actually no one really says that, but it’s true in this particular picture. What looks to be a normal selfie in the before picture turns into a dark and wretched tale of deceit, tragedy and lost love in the after picture. Who truly knows what happened to this poor woman but send some vibes her way. Unfortunately, it gets even more depressing than this. Continue on to number two for a jaw-dropping twist that puts M. Night Shyamalan to shame.

4. Handsome Stud Begins To Question Reality

Alcohol is said to boost confidence but in this picture, it looks to do the opposite. What starts out as a handsome, confident man eventually deteriorates into a lost soul questioning his life choices. He looks concerned, embarrassed and above all, confused. Anyone who drinks can relate to this state of mind. Yet, we continue to punish ourselves again the next weekend.

3. Woman Looks Slightly Less Agitated After Drinking

Up until this point, the other before and after pictures were pretty obvious. However, this one seems a little more subtle. Before drinking, this sassy young woman looks to have a chip on her shoulder. After drinking, the chip is still there. The only difference is some messy hair. Should we be impressed or just scared?

2. A Quick Descent From Fame To Shame

What happened to this celebrity wannabe? All we can tell here is she went from top to bottom real quick. If the hospital wristband is any indication, her Saturday night didn’t go exactly as planned. The real question is though, what happened to that awesome furry jacket? After all these depressing pictures, read on to number one to end on a high note.

1. Strange Woman Immune To Hangover

Out of all these pictures, we have yet to see one person smiling in both before and after. So, let’s end this on a positive note. Why this woman is smiling on Sunday morning is beyond explanation. Perhaps she is immune to hangovers? Either that, or she lost all her braces the night before and doesn’t want to show it.

Do you have any embarrassing party pictures of your own? Feel free to comment in the section below and share with all your friends!


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