Parents Discover The Shocking Truth...

Parents Discover The Shocking Truth About Teen’s Disappearance 7 YEARS LATER

In the Spring of 2009, 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel decided to go to Myrtle Beach to for Spring Break at the behest of her parents. After a few nights of celebrating, Brittanee went missing and the search for her began.

It was thought to be a kidnapping, and the last person to see Brittanee became the primary suspect. Although she had not turned up anywhere, her parents would not give up hope. What they discovered about Brittanee’s whereabouts is a lesson to every child about going off on your own. Click next to discover the shocking truth about what happened.

#12. Who Was Brittanee Drexel?

Brittanee Drexel was an attractive and smart young girl who had everything in her life going her way. She was in her final year of high school and was looking forward to graduating and enrolling in cosmetology school. She lived with her parents and two siblings in Chili, New York.

#11. Kids Will Be Kids

Brittanee happened to be blind in one eye. Throughout her life, she required a few eye surgeries to help with her condition. She had to wear special contact lenses to help keep one eye from wandering but she also kept a positive spirit. With trouble at home, she and her friends planned a secret trip for Spring Break.

#10. Planning Her Spring Break

Brittanee’s mother had told her she wasn’t allowed to go on the trip with her friends. These friends were fairly new, and her mom did not know their true intentions. Additionally, there were no adults planning to chaperone the young kids. Click over to slide #9 to see what Brittanee did about it.

#9. Defying Her Mother’s Wishes

Brittanee told her mother they were going to Charlotte Beach in New York and decided to head down to Myrtle Beach instead to party at the Bluewater Hotel. Meanwhile, a club promoter named Peter Brozowitz and four of his friends made the same plans. Find out what happened when they met in slide #8.

#8. Brittanee Goes Missing

On the night of April 25, 2009, Brittanee left the Bluewater Hotel to drop off some clothes at her motel to her friends. However, Brittanee never returned and no one had heard from her. That is when speculation began to run rampant and her family and boyfriend were waiting to hear from her.

#7. Everyone Starts To Get Worried

Throughout the day, Brittanee’s boyfriend Richard had been keeping in touch with her via text message. She may have been breaking the rules by defying her mother’s wishes, but she was not stupid. Someone knew where she was at that time, yet at 9:15 pm he stopped receiving notifications from her.

#6. No Word At All

In his text messages, Richard said he would go to her mother if she did not respond. His calls were going straight to voicemail and there was no indication she was even on the other end. Richard had no choice but to tell Brittanee’s mom. What her mom said next was chilling.

#5. The First 60

Sixty hours had come and gone and no one had heard from her. The police had been notified and a search party quickly formed.

Brittannee’s mom said, “…I just knew something would happen to her if she went…”

After some questioning, Peter Brozowitz’s name came up and he became the first suspect.

#4. Peter Brozowitz, The Suspect

Brozowitz was the last person to be seen with Brittanee. The 20-year-old had taken her to a club the night before. Even though it was shady of him to take a 17-year-old to a club, her parents and boyfriend thought nothing of it. However, now it was time to question him.

#3. Likely Story

Brozowitz and Brittannee had met earlier during the day of her disappearance and then again about an hour and a half before she was last seen. Police questioned him and searched his room, but there was no evidence of foul play. For years, Brozowitz maintained his innocence. Then some new evidence changed everything …

#2. Shocking Revelations

Brittanee’s mother started to think she had been kidnapped and sold into a sex trafficking ring. In 2016, Taquan Brown, who had been incarcerated on a separate charge, confessed some disturbing and specific details about Brittanee’s disappearance. What he said finally revealed Brittanee’s fate all these years later.

#1. Confession

Brown described what was called the “Stash House,” where Brittannee was brought. There, 16-year-old Da’Shaun Taylor was seen with Brittanee after she attempted to escape his house. She was pistol-whipped, dragged back to the house, and two gunshots were heard. The search for her body then commenced as she was ruled deceased at this point.

Brittanee Drexel’s body was never found, although her parents have not given up hope that the teenager will be returned to them. The shocking confession by Brown, who was serving a 25-year sentence for manslaughter, led to horrifying conclusions about what really happened to her.

The story serves as a warning to children who believe they are indestructible. Parents have a very good reason to worry about their kids when it comes to Spring Break vacations with unknown friends. Heed your parents warnings, but if you are going to defy their wishes, travel in a close group and be sure to maintain physical contact with a friend.


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