What Pamela Anderson, Nearing 50, Looks Like Now

Pamela Anderson’s beauty dominated the 1990s, but her appearance has changed a lot over the years. She won over America on Home Improvement and Baywatch, but her career took a nosedive after marrying Tommy Lee.

Well, looks like years of hard partying have taken a toll on Pamela- wait until you see what she looks like on slide #1, but first, let’s remember the salad days.

10. Pamela Anderson Was Discovered At A Football Game

Daily Star

Pamela was put on the big screen at a BC Lions Canadian Football game. She had on a Labatt’s Beer shirt – the company hired her as a promo girl immediately. Her then-boyfriend produced this poster to boost her career. But, that’s nothing compared to what came next…

9. She Then Appeared On The Cover Of Playboy


In October 1989, she appeared on the cover of Playboy for the first time. It was the first of many appearances for Anderson – no one has appeared more. Shortly after her cover shoot, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career. You’ll never guess what her first mainstream role was…

8. Pamela Became The Original “Tool Time Girl” On Home Improvement


America fell in love with Pamela Anderson during her two seasons on TV’s Home Improvement. She would appear in the “Tool Time” segments of the sitcom. While her screentime was limited, it certainly caught the eye of other Hollywood producers watching each week. Her next role shot her to superstardom…

7. Baywatch Makes Pamela Anderson A Household Name

The Sun

Pamela played C.J. Parker on Baywatch for 5 seasons, starting in 1992. This show not only made her a star in America, but around the world. Meanwhile, she kept working on her modeling career, appearing in Outside Life and of course, Playboy Magazine. Her love life blossomed as well…

6. Pamela Marries Tommy Lee After Meeting 4 Days Earlier


Hard-rocker Tommy Lee, lead drummer of Mötley Crüe, won Pamela’s heart and married her in 1995 after a quick romance. The couple’s stolen sex tape from their honeymoon only increased Pamela’s fame. They divorced in 1998. But, Pamela Anderson wasn’t done yet with the spotlight…

5. Pamela Becomes Very Involved In Animal Rights.

Gossip Juice

Pamela is almost as famous now for being the lead spokesperson for PETA. She’s come out against the use of fur, and has appeared in numerous PETA ad campaigns. She even received the first Linda McCartney Memorial Award for animal rights protectors. Pamela’s career didn’t quite go so smoothly…

4. She’s Appeared In A Lot of Bad Movies

The Nerds Uncanny

From Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay to Pauly Shore Is Dead, Pamela’s movie career hasn’t been that stellar. She did land a nice cameo in 2006’s Borat, when the main character became obsessed with her, causing him to drive across the country. After that, her appearance began to change…

3. Even The Best Plastic Surgeon Can’t Stop Aging

Life and Style

Pamela is obviously known for her plastic surgery, but it’s starting to become more noticeable as her career has progressed. “Getting older isn’t the end. I know I have so much to look forward to,” Pamela said in an interview. In 2017, though, she looked unrecognizable in France…

2. Pamela Goes Without Makeup in Cannes

Got Celeb

You have to look twice at the photo to even know it’s her! A natural look isn’t what we’re used to with Pamela Anderson, seen on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. She continues to surprise us! In her latest appearance, she returns to true form…

1. Pamela Goes Back To The Basics In Monaco

That’s the Pamela we know and love! At the Formula 1 Amber Lounge Fashion Show in Monaco after Cannes, the 49-year old looks like her normal self. Pamela looks better than ever on the red carpet. What’s next for Pamela Anderson? The world will have to wait…

Pamela Anderson has had a long and successful career in being beautiful. Her career spanning decades from the pages of Playboy to the silver screen has wowed millions. From her first appearance in the spotlight in Canada, to her most recent strut down the carpet in Cannes, the camera loves her. She has certainly changed her appearance over the years, but deep down, she still remains that small-town Canadian girl. While the tabloids continue to cover her various romances, we know that it’s because of her everlasting popularity. Her looks may one day fade, but the world will never forget Pamela running down the beach in a red bikini.


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