17 Fun Packed Options For Outdoor G...

17 Fun Packed Options For Outdoor Games for Kids

It is a must for children to play games as they improve their ability to interact with other children and also they will improve their hands and feet coordination when they do. When they play games outdoors, they also get aerobic exercises which are vital for their health.  There are numerous outdoor games for kids that children love to play. These may vary according to the age of kids. However, there is a game that matches the requirements of every child that will also provide right kind of entertainment as well.

While most outdoor games for kids are played among a few kids there are others that could be played between even two siblings. Most of them are traditional games that are being played over generations. Often, parents also enjoy watching their children play these games. Most of the games never need big spaces to play either. A backyard of a home is more than enough for a few kids in the neighborhood to get together and play.

There are other benefits of outdoor games for kids as well. Very often, kids become restless when they stay indoors for a long time. One of the best ways to keep them happy is to get them to play an outdoor game for some time. Though they will get their clothes soiled adding up to their mothers’ laundry, mothers could get a little respite when the kids go out and play games. This often happen during school holidays when children lose their daily outing through going to school. The biggest benefit of outdoor games for kids is to keep them occupied during weekends when parents have lots of work to do in homes. So, if you want to go down the memory lane to your childhood, look at your kids playing some of the following games.

1- Four Square
Four Squares to Play

This is a ball game played in a square shaped field divided in to four squares.

2- Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek Has a History

Hide and seek is a game for kids of any age.

3- Tag
You Tag and You Win

This is a game in which active kids excel. It is a game that helps develop athletic abilities of kids.

4- Monkey in the Middle
Most Wanted by the Monkey

This is a game that favors taller children. Therefore, when the game is played among siblings the older taller kids are at an advantage.

5- Red Rover
Two Tetams Stand With Interest

In order to play this game there should be a minimum of six kids so as to make two teams with 3 kids in each

6- Jump Rope
Handy Game Like Many Others

This is a fun game that also provides ample exercise for the whole body.

7- Hopscotch
Jumping To Win

This is a game where the kids need to balance themselves on one foot.

8- Horse
Horse is You!

Horse is a type of basket ball game where the ball has to be thrown into the basket.

9- Spud
You Need One Ball

Any number of kids could play this ball game and they only need a spacious place to play the game.

10- Red Light, Green Light
Learn To Drive

If there is one game out of all outdoor games for kids that help you get your driving license it is Red Light, Green Light.

11- Simon Says
Follow the Instructions

This is a game where other kids need to follow instructions of Simon, the player who gives commands.

12- Freeze Dance
Learning to Stop

Though accusations by one another are common, Freeze Dance is an interesting game for birthday parties.

13- Musical Chairs
Take Your Chair and Win

This is a game in which any number of kids could take part as long as they have one chair short of the number of children.

14- Marco Polo
Water Game, Good for Summers

A game played in the pool. The need is to catch one of the kids who say Polo. Marco is the “it” here.

15- Telephone
Whisper the Message

Being one of the most interesting outdoor games for kids Telephone is a game that could make all the kids laugh at the same time.

16- Capture the Flag
Two Teams Capture Each Other

There could be many children in the two teams in this game. Aim is to capture the flag of the opposite team.

17- Marbles, One of Outdoor Games for Kids
Hit the Marbles

It is an easy game to play with marbles. The aim is to hit marbles of others with a kid’s marble.

Children love to play games. Since there are hundreds of interesting outdoor games for kids to choose from, they could choose them according to their wishes. Normally, most kids are aware of the rules as they learn them from their older siblings. There are games that are suitable for older kids while there are others that are more suitable for younger ones. There are still others that could be played by all. While they get exercise through these games they also learn activities such as counting, memorizing and listening.

The need also may arise for parents to guide their children on some of the outdoor games for kids in case they don’t have elder siblings from whom they could learn the games. One important trait with kids is that when you show them how to play a game once, they will remember that and will play among themselves without the help of elders next time. This is because kids love fun. Since playing outdoor games for kids is also good for their health, kids must be encouraged to play games even if they don’t show interest in playing games.

Choosing the right outdoor games for kids is also important. In case there are older children among the lot, they are aware of the games to play in a certain situation depending on the space they have and the nature of the environment they are in. When their kids play outdoor  games for kids, parents also could enjoy watching the way they play in case they are younger kids



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