Open Marriages In Hollywood: 14 Couples That Give The Okay To Stray


It’s hard to keep a celebrity marriage together. Even a simple dating relationship is easily strained what with paparazzi and busybody media around every corner, micro-analyzing every move you and your partner make. While most of our favorite stars tend to get in and out of marriages as rapidly as limousines, there are some who try to spice things up in order to keep the flame going. Yep, we’re talking about open marriages. While an open relationship between a boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t all that uncommon anymore, having the same kind of agreement with your husband or wife can be a tricky thing.

These 14 famous couples have tried the open marriage arrangement. Some have been successful. Others …


14) Mo’Nique & Sidney Hicks

001-14-mo-nique-sidney-hicks-a548862623f764e7802f08d754941940Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique has known her husband Sidney Hicks since she was 14 years old, so there’s a strong trust between the two of them. On several occasions, the Baltimore native, who gave birth to twin sons Jonathan and David in 2005, has told the public that an open marriage has strengthened their relationship.

13) Larry King & Shawn King

002-13-larry-king-shawn-king-c962d39246be96db52adfa1876f056fdPeabody Award-winning host Larry King has been married seven times, and his marriage to Shawn has been the longest in his life. The one thing that kept both of them together was their desire to have extramarital relationships. After rumors of Larry having an affair with Shawn’s sister surfaced, the pair filed for divorce in 2010, but they dropped it months later.
12) Dolly Parton & Carl Thomas Dean

003-12-dolly-parton-carl-thomas-dean-6a4928d3204001744675031def8ec856In May 2016, Dolly Parton and Carl Thomas Dean celebrated their 50 year anniversary as husband and wife, and their secret has been their honesty to each other. In a 2007 interview, Parton stated, “If we cheat, we don’t know it, so if we do cheat, it’s very good for both us.”

11) Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow

004-11-chris-martin-gwyneth-paltrow-9fd266703ffbadb009d8924645a09f9eColdplay frontman Chris Martin and Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow were together for 10 years, but in 2016, they finalized their divorce. The cause for the split was their open marriage, which they tried out because of their hectic schedules. This led to their relationship falling apart, which Gwyneth infamously labeled as “consciously uncoupling.”

10) Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris

005-10-hugh-hefner-crystal-harris-86cf663dc95fc0668cb64a5a47b70617As the founder of Playboy and a resident of the Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner finds himself surrounded by women around the clock. Before they were even married, Hefner dated his wife Crystal Harris along with identical twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon. While dating the three ladies, he was still married to Playboy Playmate Kimberley Conrad. Four women simultaneously was too much for Hefner, who broke up with the twins and divorced his wife in 2010. Two years later, he married Harris. It’s safe to say that even though he’s married again, Hefner still has relationships on the side.

9) Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

006-9-brad-pitt-angelina-jolie-7d6c9679f63537fa6954aee17c21544dOscar-winning actors Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie comprised one of the biggest Hollywood couples of the millennium. In a 2011 interview, Jolie stated that the two weren’t chained together because they lived together, causing some speculation that they engaged in extramarital affairs. Unfortunately, the two acting titans fell apart at the seams and they filed for divorce.
8) T-Pain & Amber Najm

007-8-t-pain-amber-najm-a8762ca16c27eeae414cc941aafa8ea4Grammy Award-winning rapper T-Pain, whose real name is Faheem Rashad Najm, has been married to Amber Najm since 2003, and their relationship is as open as you can get. In the beginning of the relationship, T-Pain had several sexual encounters with other women. Now, his wife joins him in the action with various strippers.

7) Will Smith & Jada Pinkett

008-7-will-smith-jada-pinkett-561a079427be22590a6b602f8c996bd4Will Smith met his second wife Jada Pinkett on the set of the hit NBC sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and they’ve been one of the most beloved Hollywood couples since. Jada Pinkett raised some eyebrows during a 2015 interview with Howard Stern when she stated that Will is free to do what he wants, causing some to speculate that she’s okay with the action star getting a little action on the side.

6) Ethan Hawke & Ryan Shawhughes

009-6-ethan-hawke-ryan-shawhughes-694e53b532ab81ef8b5dc9e34abeaf08Oscar-nominated actor Ethan Hawke knows a thing or two about open marriages. During his nine-year marriage to actress Uma Thurman, the New York City resident started a relationship with their nanny Ryan Shawhughes. Three years after his divorce from Thurman, Hawke married Shawhughes, who was completely understanding of him possibly bringing other women home.

5) Rachael Ray & John Cusimano

010-5-rachael-ray-john-cusimano-793421Daytime Emmy Award winning chef and TV host Rachael Ray has been married to lawyer and musician John Cusimano since 2005. Cusimano has been seen hanging out with several women since their marriage, and he has been spotted at New York City swinger club Checkmate on numerous occasions. While they’ve never openly confirmed having an open marriage, it seems pretty obvious to those closest to them.

4) Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green

011-4-megan-fox-brian-austin-green-028d3f98c69be3f5d49a394829fbebf4When she was 18 years old, Megan Fox began dating a then 30-year-old Brian Austin Green. The two had a very complicated open relationship where Megan was allowed to date whoever she wanted, but Brian couldn’t do the same. Due to a rocky relationship, Megan filed for divorce, but the two reconciled for the birth of their third child Journey River in August 2016.

3) Shirley MacLaine & Steve Parker

012-3-shirley-maclaine-steve-parker-793448Before the start of her iconic acting career, Shirley MacLaine got married to businessman Steve Parker in 1954. During their 28 year marriage, the two were living in different parts of the world at times (MacLaine in the States and Parker in Japan), and they agreed to have an open marriage. In a 2016 interview with People, MacLaine said that it helped their relationship.

2) Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

013-2-amanda-palmer-and-neil-gaiman-b42508c8c0afb52de6c2eca57fa05e98The Dresden Dolls singer Amanda Palmer and comic book writer Neil Gaiman, who have both toured consistently throughout the years, have publicly announced their open marriage in several interviews. They admitted that if they weren’t on the road all of the time, they wouldn’t have gone this route.

1) Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

014-1-robin-thicke-paula-patton-e6aafeaccf066138226d0eaa8e49de17Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have allegedly shared intimate moments with women during their marriage, but things fell apart when Thicke was caught having a separate affair with one of those women. Patton split, and in order to get her back, Thicke released the album “Paula” in 2014. Unfortunately, the album tanked with only 35,000 copies sold worldwide. Most importantly, it didn’t change Paula’s mind, and the divorce was finalized the following year.

In recent years, having an open marriage has seen more cultural acceptance. A recent poll stated that nearly half of those surveyed would be okay with extramarital affairs, but this practice doesn’t come without any sort of downfall. With a 92% failure rate, only 1% of adults in the United States have admitted to being in an open marriage at one point in their lives. In 2012, Showtime brought this concept to a wider audience with the reality series “Polyamory: Married & Dating,” which follows various married couples and their dating endeavors. While it might still be a taboo thing in Hollywood, many celebrities are just fine with their decisions in love.