How Often Does She Have Sex? Look For These Telltale Signs

That girl from the office is cute right? You might have a big crush, but rumor has it that she’s been around the block with a few other coworkers. Is it true? How can you tell if someone has constant sex or is in a drought of a lifetime?

Fortunately for you, there are many telltale signs that a woman doesn’t have much sex. Here’s a look at the top eight.

8. Self Esteem Goes Deeper Than You Think


There are many factors that lead to low self-esteem in both women and men. An underwhelming sex life certainly doesn’t help. When you don’t have sex for a while, you might feel undesired and unfulfilled.

If you notice someone feeling particularly down on themselves, it could be a sign that they aren’t getting much action.

7. High Or Just Sex Starved?


Forgetfulness is a trait often associated with chronic cannabis users. If a woman you know smokes a lot of weed, then perhaps blame it on that. If they are clean as a whistle and forgetting their car keys every day, though, then there’s a good chance she isn’t getting much action.

6. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Natural Sleep Aids Guide

Nothing’s better than a great night of sleep after hours (or seconds) of raucous sexual intercourse. On the other side of the spectrum, though, a lack of sex is horrible for the libido.

This leads to many sleepless nights filled with depressed thoughts of a nonexistent, distant lover. It’s alright. We’ve all been there.

5. Sex Is The Ultimate Medicine


Is your woman of interest sick all the time? It could just be a bad cold going around—but there’s also a good chance she isn’t getting down that often. Sex can boost your immune system, and without it, you may be more likely to get sick.

If that’s not a good excuse to have more sex, then what is?

4. Pill Poppers Are Show Stoppers

The Red List

There are a wide variety of medications out there that affect a person’s libido. So if you know a woman who has to pop pills on a daily basis, it might be fair to assume she’s not a sexual deviant come night time.

Of course, if she’s got multiple prescriptions, there could be more to worry about than her sex life…

3. Oh, So You Call Yourself An Introvert?


Do you call yourself an introvert? That might be a great way of saying you basically don’t have sex. When people are in a serious dry spell, they tend to become less sociable and more introverted. This begins a vicious cycle of being sad because you don’t have sex and then staying in alone because you are too sad to get out and seek sex.

2. Use It Or Lose It


That chick with the rocking bod? Yeah, she probably knows her way around a sexual situation. On the other hand, that chick who suddenly gained more than a few pounds is probably struggling to find a mate.

Men and women alike might gain weight if they aren’t having sex. Oddly enough, gaining more weight probably won’t help them in that department, either…

1. Age Before Beauty

Female Actresses Hit Pics

This one is quite obvious, and it’s all too true. When women get older, they have less sex. Be it confidence, libido, or whatever, it’s just a fact. Of course, there is always that outlier that seems to have more sex the older they get. If you’re one of them, then hats off to you!


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