The Obamas Are A Cute Couple. These 12 Pics Prove It!

Politics, politics, politics. More often than not when politics is brought up in discussion, people cease to be rational folk. Instead of seeing politicians as human beings, we often see them as nothing more than the party they represent. The same could be said for Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, who often receive attacks on their character, intelligence, and even on their looks.

However, the Obamas seem like a pretty down-to-earth, relatable couple, and thanks to the fact that they were the first presidential family to embrace social media, there’s a ton of photographic evidence to prove how perfect they are for each other.

Let’s look at the top 12!


12. Kenya, 1992

Looking at this picture, who would have thought Barack Obama would one day go on to become President of the United States? This picture, taken in Kenya, shows how people live differently around the world. Perhaps it was experiences like these that pushed President Obama to pursue a political career.

11. Winfield House London, 2011

This iconic picture shows the impressed faces of Michelle and Barack when they were visiting London in 2011. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were approaching in a lavish car. This photo is often used in memes of the couple and will live for quite some time on the internet. It captures their playful side quite well.

10. Inaugural Ball, 2009

This cute moment is taken of the couple on their way to one of many inaugural balls in 2009. The two are often caught embracing in adorable, fun, and carefree moments while they were going through unique stresses at the White House. You have to wonder what was going through their minds at this moment.

9. A Little Kiss Cam Love, 2012

This picture is amazing and needs to receive more love on the internet (no matter your political leanings, give this some credit). Not only is the kiss adorable, them sitting next to their eldest daughter Malia and Vice President Joe Biden makes the picture even more loveable. Biden probably followed this with one of his special one-liners.

8. Michelle Being Michelle, 2015

During a promo taping of the 2015 World Expo in the Diplomatic Reception Room, Michelle Obama took the opportunity to flash an adorable smile. It doesn’t look as if the President was all too excited to be there. There’s no telling what other national crisis he was dealing with at the time.