No One Will Buy This Beautiful Mansion Because It Comes With A Dark Secret


This stunning mansion in Massachusetts should be an amazing home for anyone who loves Victorian architecture. However, a dark past keeps it from being purchased, despite its low price tag. The SK Pierce Victorian Mansion was built in 1875 and boasts 6,661 square feet of living space. The massive house has more than 70 windows and includes 10 bedrooms. At a price of just $329,000, this gorgeous building could be the perfect dream home or even a great bed and breakfast location.

Before you fork over the money, you should be warned — this gorgeous home comes with a few dark secrets, and maybe even a ghost or two!

10. S.K Pierce Home Built

S.K Pierce was a wealthy businessman in Gardner, Massachusetts in the late 1800s. He chose to show off his wealth by building a monstrous house across the street from his furniture business. Construction of the home took more than a year and 100 men working to complete. But while the home seemed perfect, tragedy struck Pierce’s family shortly after they moved in.

9. First Pierce Tragedy

Just a few weeks after Pierce, his wife, and their son moved in, Mrs. Pierce succumbed to a bacterial illness, leaving S.K. a widow. He married Ellen Pierce after a year of mourning and had two more sons, but their dreams of growing old together weren’t meant to be.

8. Another Tragedy Strikes

S.K. Pierce passed away in 1888, leaving behind his second wife and three young sons. When Ellen died years later, the boys fought bitterly over the house. Eventually, the youngest son took control, but his wealth and the house went downhill from there. When young Edward fell on hard times, he turned the mansion into a boarding home. Unfortunately for Edward, running a boarding home during the Great Depression meant letting unsavory people in — and potential murderers.

7. S.K. Victorian Mansion Murders

According to rumors, this 10-bedroom Victorian mansion saw tragedy through more than just tragic illness. Some sources say that seven deaths have happened in the home, including one strangled prostitute, a young boy’s drowning in the basement, and a man who burned to death in the master bedroom. While none of these deaths have been confirmed, owners of the mansion have been spooked enough to believe them, and for good reason.

6. Changing Hands

The mansion, with its intricate woodwork, marble fireplaces, stately grand staircase, and classic Mansard roof should be something that stays in the family for generations. However, the home has had several owners over the years, since its less desirable traits include the possibility of a few ghostly residents. Despite the creepy feeling people report of being watched, the home’s past hasn’t deterred some more interesting guests from staying there.

5. Famous Guests

In better times, famous people like Norman Rockwell, Calvin Coolidge, Bette Davis, and P.T. Barnum have reportedly spent time at the mansion. It also served as a well-known meeting place for the Freemasons, according to the man trying to sell it. Despite the storied guest list, potential buyers have been put off by some of the less hospitable guests.

4. Ghosts Reported In Mansion

Several ghosts have been seen over the years, including a busy servant girl and a young boy who stares out the front window. Other visitors have seen S.K. Pierce himself, along with his first wife and their son. These sightings have placed it second on the list of the 10 most haunted homes in New England. The home is also considered the 9th most haunted home in the United States.

3. Paranormal Shows Involved

Paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and My Ghost Story have filmed at the location in past years. All of them have found something interesting about the house. While some heard strange noises, others saw the spooky apparitions. Unfortunately for these show participants, not all of the ghosts have been friendly.

2. Ghostly Injuries

While some apparitions haven’t cared about live humans entering their space, other ghosts have been less than hospitable. A website for the mansion warns guests that they will need to sign an extensive injury waiver. It also cautions not to provoke the spirits in any way. Instead, they are encouraged to treat any potential apparitions with respect during their stay.

1. Last Owners Had No Clue

The home’s last owners had no idea their dream home had a sinister house. They soon realized something was wrong when they heard chants and whispers throughout the home. When they saw objects moving and experienced weird smells, they wondered if this Victorian mansion was really a dream or a nightmare. Their feelings were confirmed when they saw shadows darting from room to room and heard banging on the doors.

One prospective buyer is considering turning the mansion into a haunted tourist attraction. Would you buy the S.K. Pierce Victorian Mansion, knowing its sinister past?