Nicki Minaj Bares All In This Risque Topless Selfie!

In a mainly male-dominated rap culture, Nicki Minaj switched up the genre when she stepped on the scene. With groundbreaking albums such as Pink Friday and The Pinkprint, Minaj has shocked the world with her lyrical talents. She knows how to keep fans on their toes, especially when it comes to her barely-there social media posts.

You won’t believe this topless selfie she posted for her fans in slide #3!

8. Minaj Knows How To Make A Scene


She has a full-range of alter egos, such as the “Harajuku Barbie” and the “female Weezy,” and her rapping abilities never cease to disappoint. Minaj definitely knows how to dress to impress, and her countless outfits — and awards — speak for themselves. This star knows how to keep her throne, and she isn’t afraid to take a few chances!

7. She Has A Crazy Number Of Different Looks


From her infamous pink wig to living as a blonde, you never really know which Nicki you are going to get. This rapper’s style is one of a kind, and her outfits are extravagantly unique. She can go from all-black attire to bubblegum pink real quick. You won’t believe her look in slide #5!

6. Minaj Isn’t Afraid To Push The Envelope


Nicki Minaj isn’t afraid to call people out in her raps — for example, Miley Cyrus — and she definitely isn’t afraid to show a little skin. She has been known to leave little to the imagination when she shows up to award shows, no matter what any critics have to say.

5. She Knows How To Impress Her Fans


With over 81 million followers on Instagram, this rap icon keeps her social media very, very interesting. Other than sneak peeks in her new music or travels, Minaj gives us a very personal look in the most private parts of her life — mainly her curvy bod.

Slide #2 will have you seeing a different side of this star!

4. Her Social Media is Full Of Steamy Pics


You can’t scroll through her Instagram without stumbling upon a few risque selfies. Minaj is confident about her curvaceous figure, and it definitely shows! She’s not afraid to show us her finest assets, and the shocking topless selfie on the next slide has gotten her plenty of attention!

3. This Risque Pic Has Fans Talking!


With only her long locks covering her frontside, this Instagram post has social media going insane. Nicki Minaj is known for flaunting her curves, and this definitely gives fans something to see. Slide #1 focuses more on her other notable assets, and this diva definitely gets behind practicing self-love!

2. It’s Never A Rap For This Celeb


Nicki Minaj seems to always have another trick up her sleeve. Her selfie game is definitely strong, and she knows how to keep the attention of the entire social media world. She knows how to stir the pot with a scandalous selfie or two, and we are forever thankful for that!

1. She’s Body Positive And We Positively Love It


Whether it’s releasing a new track or showcasing her notorious behind, Nicki Minaj is surely making waves — on and off social media. She is literally the poster child for body positivity, and she surely has the features to back it up!

Chances are this queen of hip-hop will keep giving us something to look at!


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