Newborn Would Not Stop Crying. Mom ...

Newborn Would Not Stop Crying. Mom Made A Near-Fatal Mistake

featured-imageGiving birth is an amazing, indescribable feeling. It is a joyous time in every woman’s life, and seeing your bundle of joy makes the lack of sleep and a never-ending, overflowing laundry basket so worth it. Sometimes serious, life-threatening problems arise that are out of any parent’s control, no matter how many parenting guides you get your hands on.

This mother was no stranger to her two-week-old son’s constant feedings and persistent cries. It was not until after a visit to the hospital that she realized something was terribly wrong with him, and other parents should take her story as a cautionary tale. Slide #3 reveals every new parent’s worst nightmare, and it should be shared with moms-to-be everywhere!

12. Lucinda Armstrong’s Newborn Would Not Stop Eating, Or Crying

001-12-lucinda-armstrong-s-newborn-would-not-1015948Armstrong’s son, two-week-old Ezra, was not missing any feedings. Weighing in at a hefty 9 pounds at birth, he was no stranger to crying before his next meal. Armstrong claims he was “gaining weight like a pro,” but he seemed to never get enough. The little guy’s formula intake was nearly double what his newborn-counterparts were consuming, making it nearly impossible for him to still be hungry.

11. The Cause Of Ezra’s Cry Was A Mystery

002-11-the-cause-of-ezra-s-cry-was-a-mystery-1016076Ezra’s mom continued to feed him but nothing seemed to help soothe him. Newborns cries usually signal hunger — it’s the only way they can communicate that it’s time for a snack — but sometimes a persistent cry can signal to something being seriously wrong. Ezra’s cries began to give Lucinda an indication that she should take action, and her motherly instinct kicked right in.

10. Ezra’s Condition, And Skin, Began To Worsen

003-10-ezra-s-condition-and-skin-began-to-wo-1016155This wasn’t Armstrong’s first time at the parenting rodeo — she had already been through the basics with her two-year-old daughter Lena. This was a baby situation she had not yet encountered, and she was not prepared. Things were getting serious. Ezra’s skin began to turn blotchy and red, and other scary symptoms started to pop up.

9. The Baby’s Temperature Set Armstrong’s Parenting Alarm Off

004-9-the-baby-s-temperature-set-armstrong-s-1016259Armstrong’s slight concerns turned into paralyzing fear. Her son’s condition was getting increasingly alarming. Ezra’s temperature was now a startling 101.6 degrees. A dangerously high temperature for a two-week-old baby. Armstrong couldn’t wait a moment longer, there was no denying that baby Ezra was in danger. That maternal instinct was about to kick in.

8. Ezra’s Rising Temperature Was A Cry For Medical Attention

005-8-ezra-s-rising-temperature-was-a-cry-fo-1016336A high temperature in infants is much more alarming than in adults. Newborn babies are not able to fight off infection nearly as well as fully-developed adults, so any fever above 99.5 degrees should be taken seriously. Armstrong realized Ezra’s temperature of 101.6 meant she had to take action, and she had to do it fast.

7. Routine Tests Revealed Results That Sent Shivers Down Armstrong’s Spine

006-7-routine-tests-revealed-results-that-se-1016351Armstrong rushed her baby boy to Council Bluff’s Mercy Hospital in Iowa to receive emergency care. Once at the hospital, doctors performed multiple tests on baby Ezra to check his overall health and hopefully diagnose the problem affecting him. The results were every parent’s nightmare, especially a parent that has done everything to protect their child. His spinal tap revealed abnormal results, revealing his deadly condition.

6. Ezra’s Condition Was Mind-Blowing — And Possibly Fatal

007-6-ezra-s-condition-was-mind-blowing-and-1016647Ezra was diagnosed with meningitis, an extremely serious infection of the brain. Meningitis occurs when the lining of the brain and spinal cord begins to swell, and it is extremely dangerous. Meningitis can be life-threatening in adults, and this makes it even more severe in infants. Ezra was especially vulnerable to losing his life to this condition, and doctors were forced to act fast.

5. Ezra’s Grave Diagnosis Needed Emergency Attention

008-5-ezra-s-grave-diagnosis-needed-emergenc-1016703The discovery of the baby’s meningitis meant he needed to be immediately transported to the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Specialist treatment was needed for his life-threatening condition, and doctors were quick to tend to him upon his arrival. One of the doctors was able to pinpoint what led to Ezra’s sickness, and his mom couldn’t help but feel devastated.

4. One Doctor Was Able To Pinpoint The Cause Of Ezra’s Condition

009-4-one-doctor-was-able-to-pinpoint-the-ca-1016707Dr. Kari Simonsen, a specialist at the Children’s hospital in Omaha, was able to give Armstrong the reason for her son’s sudden illness. The doctor told Armstrong that listeria – a type of bacteria – was responsible for Ezra’s onset of meningitis. What caused the bacteria to form was even more disturbing to the loving mom of two, and the fact that she could have prevented it.

3. Armstrong Could Have Prevented Ezra’s Meningitis, If She Avoided One Thing

010-3-armstrong-could-have-prevented-ezra-s-1017076Listeria meningitis is usually transferred from mother to baby at birth. Armstrong most likely ate a food that gave her the listeria, and then the listeria bacteria was given to Ezra at birth leading to his life-threatening case of meningitis. Armstrong’s consumption of certain foods during pregnancy may have led to her newborn’s hospitalization, and all of these foods can be found in your fridge.

2. Common Culprits Of Listeria Are Food In Your Fridge

011-2-common-culprits-of-listeria-are-food-i-f72b24dafd819c5c82ca8494bcd17cdaCold foods such as deli meats should be avoided during pregnancy. These foods are not cooked and only cured, and this can lead to the spread of listeria bacteria. Hotdogs and unpasteurized cheese are also frowned upon when a woman is expecting. Any meat should be cooked thoroughly to avoid an individual from unknowingly carrying the bacteria and possibly causing harm to their unborn baby.

1. Armstrong Wants Her Story To Prepare Pregnant Women Everywhere

012-1-armstrong-wants-her-story-to-prepare-p-1016953Lucinda Armstrong was not aware she was carrying the listeria bacteria since her strong immune system was able to fight it off and function normally. A newborn baby’s immune system is just getting started, therefore the listeria bacteria had a much greater impact on baby boy Ezra. Armstrong wants her story to reach pregnant women everywhere, in hopes that they are cautious of what not to eat, no matter the craving!

Lucinda Armstrong did everything she could to protect and care for her two-week-old son, but what seemed like a hunger cry turned into a serious cry for help. Her newborn son Ezra was diagnosed with listeria meningitis, and if Armstrong had waited any longer to seek medical attention for her infant son it may have been too late. Listeria bacteria can be dangerous and deadly in infants, and it can be easily prevented during pregnancy. Women who are expecting should avoid any uncooked meats and other listeria-carrying foods during pregnancy in order to avoid tragedy and keep their baby happy and healthy. Share to inform moms-to-be or comment below to share your story that may help other pregnant women keep their bodies and babies safe!


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