This Newborn Comforting His Twin Brother Is So Touching, It Saves His Life

Having a baby is an amazing experience, and being blessed with twins makes it even more magical. Raising twins means more work. Double the diaper changing, double the laundry, and double the crying and fussing instead of going to sleep. It can very difficult for new parents to handle, and Kerrie and Owen Keen know this all too well. These new parents had an even bigger problem that all parents wish they never face, and one of their twin boys was suffering from severe medical problems. It wasn’t until they placed his twin brother in the incubator that they realized the incredible bond between the two boys and slide #4 is almost too heartwarming to bear!

12. This Loving Couple Couldn’t Wait To Start A Family

Kerrie and Owen Keen of Scotland were excited to spend the rest of their lives together. Having children was something both of them wanted to do, and in 2013 Kerrie found out that she was pregnant. The couple was even more excited to be expecting two bundles of joy instead of one. They couldn’t wait for the arrival of their baby boys.

11. The Twin Boys Finally Arrived

Kerrie gave birth to twin boys in April of 2013. She had an emergency c-section, and the couple loving welcomed both boys into the world. Unfortunately, they were about to start a long journey that would take great strength and perseverance to get through. You won’t believe how far they come in slide #2!

10. One Boy’s Health Was Declining Rapidly

Their son Lucas was thriving, but Cooper was not doing quite as well. The nurses continued to monitor his dangerously low glucose levels, and what happened next shocked everyone. Cooper’s condition was more serious than anyone ever imagined, and it was going to take a lot of determination for him to pull through.

9. Cooper’s Condition Continued To Worsen

The little boy began to suffer from seizures, and the doctors couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong with the newborn. His oxygen levels dropped dramatically, and Cooper’s parents didn’t know how to handle their boy’s dangerous condition. Once the doctors revealed what was going on with Cooper’s brain, his parents feared for the worst.

8. The Doctors Tried To Find The Cause Of Cooper’s Medical Problems

His condition took doctors and nurses by surprise. They had a feeling Cooper didn’t get enough nutrients while in the womb. This was due to a problem with the placenta, and Cooper then had a stroke. Doctors had to take action fast. Cooper’s life was on the line, and they had to do everything in their power to save him.

7. The Newborn Baby Was Transferred To A Different Hospital

Cooper’s worsening condition led doctors to have him transferred to a hospital 30 miles away. He would be kept at Glasgow’s Yorkhill Children’s Hospital. Kerrie and Owen were so scared for their newborn son, but they had to stay strong. The next slide proves that they had a lot more to overcome than they thought!

6. Cooper’s Twin Was Experiencing Problems Of His Own

While Cooper was kept in intensive care and closely monitored, his brother Lucas began to show signs of illness. He was losing too much weight. Although it is normal for a newborn baby to lose weight and regain in the first couple of weeks, Lucas was losing a concerning amount. Slide #4 reveals that sharing a loving bond is a big step to recovery!

5. Kerrie Discovered The Source Of Lucas’s Problem

The new mom was focusing on pumping enough breast milk for her son Cooper, and Lucas was not getting enough nutrients as he needed. Once Lucas was cleared to leave the hospital, she wanted to bring him to visit his brother Cooper 30 miles away. It was important for them to bond, and once they were reunited their love for each other was evident!

4. The Two Boys Immediately Got Close

Lucas grabbed Cooper’s hand and comforted his brother. It was such a beautiful sign of strength that his parents and doctors were extremely moved. Cooper needed all the support he could get, and his brother was ready to be right there by his side. You won’t believe how close these two are in slide #1!

3. Cooper Was Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy

Cooper would need shunts to drain the fluid in his brain. He was released from the hospital five weeks later, and he had to be fitted for another shunt at 10 months old. The little boy made a full recovery, and the bond with his twin brother continued to grow stronger.

2. Lucas Never Leaves Cooper’s Side

Cooper can’t walk, but that doesn’t slow him down. Lucas helps his brother whenever he can, and he shows the most sincere form of patience and love. Although Cooper is limited by his disability, his brother Lucas never wants to see him frown. He is constantly making him laugh and bringing a smile to his face.

1. A Little Brotherly Love Goes A Long Way

The two attend Kindergarten together and their bond is stronger than ever. If it wasn’t for Lucas supporting his brother Cooper at birth, his brother may have never made a remarkable recovery. The power of love is evident between these young boys, and it puts a new meaning to the word “twinning.”

Going through hard times is part of life, but when you have a stable support system you can easily pull through. Cooper and Lucas are a testament to the power of close contact and family support. Cooper suffered from a lot of struggles right from birth, but his twin brother Lucas never gave up. The power of love is strong and healing, and Cooper’s new lease on life proves that you can do anything with your loved ones beside you. Do you have your own story of perseverance that involved the dedication and love of a family member? Tell your story in the comments and be sure to share this inspiring story with the ones you love!


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