The New Viral Global Challenge !! Y...

The New Viral Global Challenge !! Yes it Involves a Condom

The Funniest #CondomChallenge Attempts Online

These days, one of the trending challenge online is the #CondomChallenge. For this challenge, people has to fill a condom with water and they have to drop it off into their friends’ heads. When it is done the right way, the condom will wrap around the head of that person as it retains all of the water inside of it. This may seem ridiculous but there is actually good reason why people are doing it. This challenge is designed to promote safe sex. Through this challenge, you can be able to raise awareness that condoms are flexible and durable and that it can fit any guy.

Here are some of the funniest #CondomChallenge attempts online:

1. Fast and Surprising

We all know that this condom challenge will not be as easy as it looks. So why prolong the agony? Learn from these ladies and take the fast yet surprising way out. Just look at hoe surprised the other woman when her partner suddenly bounced of a condom full of water into her head. [adinserter block=”1"] 

2. They Went Crazy


Sure, putting a big condom filled with water in your friend’s face may seem like fun, especially since it made your friend look like a clown with her big nose but you must make sure that your friend is able to breathe.[a[adinserter block=”1"]p>

3. Three Times The Charm

Well, these two people proved that three time is indeed the charm as they have to go three tries before they have successfully accomplished the challenge. Looks like these two love doing things differently as they did the challenge outside.[adi[adinserter block=”1"]p>

4. Love the Cinematography


Is it just me or is the man (or gay?) seems a bit angry when he tossed the condom into his friend’s head? The funny thing about this video is the cinematography. It looked like they have placed a lot of thought into the sound effects.[adins[adinserter block=”1"]

5. Shoot That Ball

The way the woman in pink dropped the condom full of water into her friend’s head is just perfect! It went directly to the head and covered the girl’s entire face. Their shouts made it seem like they can’t believe they did it![adinser[adinserter block=”1"]h6>6. Revenge is Sweet


A video posted by @best.condom.challenge on

The first scene seems like the lady is bracing herself for what is about to come. Being the one to “wear” the condom is truly a scary feat. So, why not have a revenge and pop the condom near your friend’s face so she can be doused off with water too?[adinserte[adinserter block=”1"]>7. Scaredy Cat

A video posted by @best.condom.challenge on

The women wearing sweartshirt seemed like she was really scared about what they are about to do. AT the end, they both laughed… a lot! So we guess, the challenge is not really that scary at all. In fact, you may even have tons of fun doing it.[adinserter [adinserter block=”1"]. Let’s See How These Hotties Do It


A video posted by @best.condom.challenge on

Looks like these two men are ready for sexy time. In fact, they are both wearing boxers briefs. This video has it all—condoms, water balloons and abs. What more can you ask for? Oh, did you notice the other guy looks a lot like Daniel Radclifffe, don’t you agree?[adinserter bl[adinserter block=”1"]

So, what are you waiting for? Join the challenge now! Just keep in mind that the challenge can be a bit dangerous but with proper precaution, you can stand up for the cause without being harmed. Do not forget to post your videos!








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