Mystery Of Missing North Carolina Teen Cold For 15 Years, Until …


In January 2000, a North Carolina teenager named Zebb Quinn received a phone call. He panicked and then, seemingly without a trace, he disappeared. Several people of interest were immediately named in his case, but despite an incredibly careful investigation by local authorities, no one ever confessed to the crime. Still, in the summer of 2015, something happened that threw a major wrench into everything that police had once believed about Quinn’s disappearance.

Curious about what happened to Zebb? Keep reading to find out! And just wait until you see slide 2… you’ll never believe what really went down!

#12 Zebb Quinn

001-12-zebb-quinn-798466Zebb Quinn was just a normal, good guy. He had recently graduated from high school in the Asheville, North Carolina, area, and was working at a local Walmart to pay his way through college. He had even saved up enough money to purchase his first care. For Zebb, things were looking up!

#11 Robert Jason Owens

002-11-robert-jason-owens-798484Zebb’s good friend, Robert Jason Owens, was also a recent graduate from Asheville. On the night of January 2, he had made plans to meet up with Zebb in the parking lot at Walmart before heading out to look at a car that Zebb was considering purchasing. Unfortunately, they would never make it there.
#10 Setting The Scene

003-10-setting-the-scene-798499Quinn and Owens traveled peacefully down the road for several miles. Quinn led at the front. Suddenly, he blinked his lights, signaling for Owens to pull over. Quinn then explained that he had received a page and needed to return the call. As he headed inside a gas station, Owens waited outside.

#9 Beep Beep Beep

004-9-beep-beep-beep-798528Suddenly, Quinn appeared at Owen’s window. He said he needed to return home immediately. She shuffled back to his car and sped out of the parking lot. While later recounting the event, Owens claimed that his friend was “visibly shaken.” Apparently, that page had a lot more meaning to it than was originally believed!

#8 Fender Bender

005-8-fender-bender-798542Because Quinn was in such a hurry to get back home to Asheville, he bumped into the back of Owen’s care on the way out. He didn’t stop to offer to pay for the damages or to even apologize. Whatever was said to him on the phone must have truly been important!

#7 Where’s Zebb?

006-7-where-s-zebb-798559Zebb Quinn never returned home. The following day, his mother filed a missing persons report with the Asheville-Buncombe Police Department. They quickly began investigating. Of course, Owens emerged as a prime suspect. After all, he was the last known person to have seen Quinn alive and well… or was he?
#6 “I’m Sick”

007-6-i-m-sick-798591Two days after he disappeared, a person claiming to be Zebb Quinn called Walmart to announce that he was sick and would be away from work that day. His supervisor knew that the voice on the phone was different than Quinn’s, so he called the police. Later that day, Robert Jason Owens confessed to making the call. He claimed that Quinn had “asked him to.”

#5 Family Ties

008-5-family-ties-798613Robert Jason Owens was still considered a prime suspect in this case, but so were members of Quinn’s own family! This includes his aunts Ina Ustich and Tamara Taylor. They were questioned carefully, and though police never explained why they were suspects, they have since been cleared of all charges.

#4 Kiss Me!

009-4-kiss-me-798624Then, as if right on cue, Zebb Quinn’s car was found just a few blocks from his mother’s workplace. His mother has since stated that she believes the car was planted there in order to upset her. This would mean that whoever was responsible for her son’s disappearance was familiar with the family…

#3 A Puppy?!

010-3-a-puppy-798636Adding another weird twist to the story, a live labrador puppy was found in the backseat of Zebb Quinn’s car! He was well-fed and carefully groomed, leading investigators to believe that the car had not been sitting in the parking lot for long. If it had, the dog would have been starving and ill-kempt!

Still, the case went cold…

#2 Owens Arrested

011-2-owens-arrested-798638In July, 2015, Robert Jason Owens was arrested for the murder of Cristie Schoen Codd, a celebrity chef who was pregnant at the time, and her husband, JT Codd. Investigators immediately hailed this as a “significant event” in Zebb’s case, but have yet to officially tie Owens to the crime. While they wait, Zebb’s loved ones hold onto hope…

#1 Keeping Hope Alive

012-1-keeping-hope-alive-798654Despite Zebb’s case going cold, his mother is keeping hope alive. She has said that she believes her was murdered on the night of January 8, 2000, but that she still takes every potential lead seriously and hopes he will soon be found alive. She maintains a Facebook page dedicated to him and makes regular appearances on news shows.

After Robert Jason Owens was arrested, police found “items that are possibly related to the disappearance of Zebb Quinn” at his home. Those in the area are well acquainted with the rumor that investigators found bone residue in his backyard, though the investigation is still ongoing! Hopefully they will come forward with new information soon. But, until then, the public will wait with baited breath.

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