Murdered Pregnant Food Network Star Finally Gets Justice


Your home is your castle, right? It’s the one place in the world where you’re supposed to be able to be completely safe.

Yet, it’s only as safe as you make it in reality. If you let someone into your home that doesn’t belong there, your world may change in an instant and not always for the better.

Cristie and Joseph Codd found that out when they tied the knot and moved to a beautiful town in North Carolina. A person that they let into their lives would ruin theirs forever. It took a long time for the world to work out what happened. Here’s what you need to know:

10. They Had Just Married And Had A Baby Coming, But Went Missing

Cristie was a presenter on the Food Network and she’d recently married her husband Joseph. Their joy was completed by the news that Cristie was pregnant and that the two of them would soon be the three of them. Everything was going perfectly for the couple until they disappeared.

9. They Had Made Plans For The Future, Where Were They?


It seemed highly unlikely that the couple had decided to disappear from their own lives. Not only was Cristie something of a celebrity in the food arena, but the couple were food gurus. They’d made plans for and paid for a restaurant and farm. There was no way they were just going to hightail it into the distance. So where were they?

8. The Police Investigate The Disappearance


The couple’s family noticed that they had gone missing right away and they soon contacted the local police department. Unfortunately, at first things were slow going in terms of their investigation and then they received a tip that had the power to throw open the investigation. You won’t believe what it was.

7. The Clue Was In The Trash


This might sound ridiculous, but it was the neighbor of a man named Robert James Owens who called the police. The neighbor wanted them to know that they’d seen Robert carrying a large number of trash bags out of his home and disposing of them. It seemed out of place. The police knew it wasn’t much but decided to investigate.

6. The Disappearance Of Zebb Quinn

Zebb Quinn was 18 years old when he disappeared in the year 2000 in Asheville, North Carolina. It was 15 years before the Codds would vanish from their homes. What did Zebb have in common with the Codds? Robert James Owens had been a prime suspect in relation to Zebb’s case. On learning this, the police jumped into action and you won’t believe what they found next.

5. A Grisly Discovery At Robert’s House


The police arrived at Robert’s house in time to interrupt a gruesome ritual. He was dismembering the bodies of the Codd family using an electric saw and then stuffing the pieces into garbage bags. Then he was taking the bags and burning them in his stove outside. His story would prove to be beyond belief.

4. The Lies Robert Told The Police

Despite being caught in the act of chopping up and disposing of the bodies, Robert Owens thought that he could lie his way out of trouble. He claimed he’d run the couple over with his truck and thought that he might get into trouble. So he decided to burn their bodies to prevent any trouble. The police also learned something else of interest.

3. Robert Owens Faked A Robbery


Not content with cutting the Codds into pieces and burning them, Owens also visited their home and burgled it. He thought that it might help divert police attention from him (if somebody came looking for the Codds) if the couple had been robbed. He told police that this was his master stroke. You can imagine what happened next.

2. Robert Owens Is Arrested And Charged


The police listened to all Robert Owens had to say and then they threw the book at him. He was arrested immediately and charged with the murder of the pregnant Christie Codd and her husband Joseph. The case has only just come to court two years later. After hearing the evidence, the jury made their decision.

1. Robert Owens Is Guilty

The jury was no more fooled by Robert Owens’ story than the police were. He was found guilty by a jury of his peers and was then sentenced to 74 years in prison. He has made a formal apology to the families of his victims, but it is not known if this has been accepted.

What happened to Cristie and Joseph Codd was brutal and senseless. It’s the sort of thing that simply should not happen in modern life, but all too often does.

That their murder took place at the hands of another local person who knew them is what strikes fear into people’s hearts the most.

The only thing that you can learn from this case is that you need to be careful who you trust and whom you let into your life. Danger can come from the most surprising of places.

We are happy that Cristie and Joseph’s family have received justice and that this shocking case has been brought to a close. What do you think? Please tell us in the comments below.