This Mother Was Filming Her Twins When She Saw Something That’s Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

boy choking on blindsEvery parent would do anything to protect their children from harm. Everything that needs to be childproofed will be childproofed just for the children’s safety. Because we all know how curious little kids can be and how active their imaginations are.

Although you can’t really assure 100 percent safety, as accidents do happen but there are also many things that are 100 percent preventable. You can never be too careful when it comes to a child’s safety. Like they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry or better to be paranoid than dead.

Just like this quick thinking mother from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. What happened to her was truly every parent’s worst nightmare. Thankfully, everything turned out fine and her story helped other parents as well. Let’s find out her story.

12. Capturing Memories

nicky walla

Nicky Walla, a mother from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin was just like any other typical mom. She takes care of her children and loves capturing every happy moment she has with her husband and kids.

She loved taking family photos and videos. Just like any mom would. After all, your kids won’t be little kids forever.

11. Loving Mom

Just like any mom who adores her children, Nicky was enjoying filming every moment of their twin toddlers. That child’s stage is such a fun stage although difficult but their cuteness makes up for their being difficult sometimes.

That very moment Nikki filmed her twins adorably feeding each other cereal in the living room.

10. A Parent’s Nightmare

But while enjoying filming, Nicky was suddenly distracted by the sound of the phone hanging off the hook. She turned around with the camera, at which point she saw something truly horrifying.

So horrifying that she dropped the video and started screaming running to his older son Gavin.

9. Playtime Gone Wrong

Even after dropping the video it continues filming and the viewer can clearly see what caused Nicky’s terrified screams.

Aside from their twin toddlers, the Walla family also had other older kids. So just imagine how busy their household is. One of her older sons, seven-year-old Gavin, is silently suffocating from a window blind cord which was tightly wrapped around his neck!

8. Terrified Mom

Seven-year-old Gavin was standing motionless on the corner and one of the twins was curiously staring at him.

Nicky quickly rushed to his choking son in panic and did her best to rescue him. At that moment Nikki wasn’t sure what was going to happen to his son. She could only hope and pray that nothing worse would happen to his little boy.

7. Motionless

The Walla family then decided to share the disturbing footage ten years after the traumatic event as a firm warning to other parents. Because accidents do happen no matter how cautious we are.

Gavin was incredibly lucky to survive, sadly other children in the U.S. haven’t been so lucky.

6. Safety Hazard

In an interview with ABC news, Nicky shared, “I somehow got Gavin off the blinds, but I don’t actually remember lifting him off.”  Nate, her husband, meanwhile, moved quickly by attempting to revive Gavin.

Thankfully the couple was able to think quickly and didn’t let panic take control over their situation.

5. 911 Call

Nicky’s terror was obvious as she talked on the phone to 911 dispatchers. In the background was the sound of Nate’s voice repeatedly shouting Gavin’s name.

It was every parents’ worst nightmare. Who would want to see their child suffer?

4. Mom in Despair
Nicky cried to the operator, “He choked himself! He’s blue!” That was all she can say as she talked to the dispatchers.
The terrified mom’s feet are all that’s seen as she walks back and forth in front of the discarded camera. They were not aware that the video camera was still filming.
3. Sigh of Relief
“I kind of squeezed him a little bit and then he gasped for air,” Nate explained to ABC News. It was a hugely welcome sound and a sigh of relief. After the sharp inhale the boy immediately started to cry.
After hearing that, Nate and Nicky were able to finally breathe. Thankfully they were quick to respond or it could have been too late.
2. Minor Injury
Gavin had some bruising, including a nasty red line around his neck. But thankfully his long-term health wasn’t affected. No serious injury was sustained.
Today you’d never guess that the happy and healthy teenager went through such a terrifying ordeal.
1. Happy Ending
The Walla family has grown since it nearly lost a member. Gavin, now a student, has seven brothers and sisters. He helps watch out for his younger siblings.
Gavin is few of the lucky kids who was able to come out of the situation alive and live to tell their story. Sadly, this horrifying thing has also happened to other kids in the U.S. but wasn’t as fortunate as him.
We can all learn from this simple story. It was an ordinary day when this nightmare happened. No matter how careful the parents can be accidents can still always happen.
So hopefully we can all learn from this. Whether you are a parent or not, it can help save a life. Kids will always be kids and their curiosity can sometimes get them to trouble so as we parents, being alert is always important.

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