Moses The Otter Lost His Entire Family, But His New One Includes A Lion

It’s extremely tragic when baby wild animals are left orphaned in the wild. For the most part, animals need their mothers to teach them how to hunt for food and survive run-ins with predators. In the case of otters, they get their food from the water and need to learn how to swim in order to survive.

Such is the case of Moses. The baby otter was left alone after he was only a few weeks old. With little hope of survival without a family, Moses was discovered and sent to a park for basic care. What happened next would surprise anyone!

10. Moses Is Born

Moses the otter was born into a happy life with his cute otter family. The social creatures are known for their unbreakable bonds and close family ties. Even while otters are asleep, they tend to grasp paws so they do not float away from each other while they are in a deep slumber.

9. Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy struck when Moses’ mother and a large portion of his family passed away. There’s not much hope for an otter left in this dangerous world on his own. It would take a miracle for Moses to survive the perils of being unable to find food and avoiding dangerous predators.

8. How Could Moses Survive On His Own?

Moses was discovered on the banks of a South African river when he was only a few weeks old. He was missing his claws, meaning survival was most likely not in the cards for this poor and defenseless creature. Would a miracle allow Moses to survive? Find out in #7.

7. Moses Is Found

A police officer spotted the baby otter as he was passing by on patrol. He figured the mother was out gathering food for the newborn creature and did not take any action. A few days later, the office passed Moses again and came to the conclusion the otter was all alone.

6. Moses’ New Home

The officer picked up the cute little animal and wrapped him up in blankets. Next, he took the otter to Bela Bela’s Loebies Guest Farm and Predator Park. The name sounds intimidating, but it was the safest place for Moses where he would receive the nutrition and care that he needed.

5. A Person Who Cares

It was the park’s owner, Annel Snyman, who fully accepted the otter into her loving care. Because he had been rescued from the wilderness into a place that seemed like paradise, she gave him the biblical moniker, Moses. Discover Annel’s assessment of the otter’s health in #4.

4. Too Small For His Own Good

Annel could tell Moses was malnourished based on his small size. She said, “He was about 14 ounces when they brought him to me, so he was as big as my hand.” The poor orphaned otter was in need of food and the rescue center was not equipped to feed his species.

3. In Need Of Motherly Training

The staff struggled to find food for Moses. They had to get creative when it came to finding nutrition. It was up to the formulas to bring Moses back so the staff had to bottle-feed him every three hours or so. In addition, otters are notorious swimmers, but Moses was unable to learn this skill before he lost his mother.

2. A Strong Swimmer

Every few hours, Annel would take Moses into the water for swimming lessons. It took him a while to get used to the shallow waters. After a while, Moses was diving into the deep end. How would Moses survive without a family?  Check out how the park created a family for Moses in #1!

1. A New Family

Moses began to make friends with the other animals in the park. His unlikely companions became his extended family. The members included a lioness, a few hyenas, and Moses himself. According to Annel, Moses doesn’t see himself as an otter. Moses isn’t confined to the park. As soon as his hormones are ready, Moses will walk off back into the wild. Until then, he spends his time visiting all of his friends in the park.


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