Mom’s Bold Bikini Selfie Comes With A Powerful Message

The hunt for a perfect bathing suit is among the most frustrating of shopping endeavors. This mom shared her bikini shopping story with friends on social media, but she never expected it to blow up like this. Her young daughter Payton was along for the ride, and she spoke a few words of wisdom that can really come from a child’s perspective…

If you’re in need for a spiritual boost today, read on!

10. Two Girls Hitting Up The Mall

Brittney Johnson took her young daughter out for a day of shopping at their local mall. “My girl had her purse, her fancy shoes, and her pretty dress on,” Brittney wrote as she recalled the day. “Don’t forget my sunglasses! Oh, I gotta take my baby doll in with us!” her daughter exclaimed.

9. A Little Girl With The Manners Of A Princess

The two ladies made multiple stops throughout their shopping trip and Brittney recounted all of her little girl’s good manners. Payton was sure to say “please” and “thank you” at dinner, and she even gifted two of her carousel tokens to another young girl! Basically, she’s a total sweetheart.

8. After Picking Out Nearly A Dozen Swimsuits…

After a Starbucks stop in which Brittney’s little girl felt confusion at the lack of Starburst candies, the girls made their way to a Target store. They picked out 11 swimsuits to take to the dressing room, where the young diva made sure to sit her baby doll down.

7. Sending Photos To Friends For Their Thoughts

Of course, Brittney went through the same thing that everyone goes through when picking a bathing suit: Pure indecision. “I put on a suit, and then a second one, and a third one,” she wrote. “I snapped pictures of them to send to my girlfriends and say, ‘yes or no?!'”

6. Just A Bikini… Or Is It?

“And then I snapped this one,” she captioned this photo. She paused for a second while her daughter turned to the mirror, examining a bathing suit top she’d tried on.

“Wow, I just love cheetah print!” Payton exclaimed. “I think I look beautiful! Do you think I look beautiful, too?”

5. The Wisdom Of A Four Year Old

That’s when Brittney realized the true meaning behind her daughter’s choice of words.

“It hit me that she only says what she hears,” she wrote on Facebook. “I tell her that she is beautiful every single day… And those are the words burned into my daughter’s brain.”

4. Brittney’s Little Girl Picked Up On The Positivity

“When we are in a dressing room,” Brittney continued, “with swimsuits, of all godforsaken things, there is a split moment when I have the power to say, ‘Wow, I have really gotten fat this year,’ or, ‘Wow, I really love this coral color!'”

Mom realized that her daughter had picked up on all of the positivity!

3. Manners And Kindness In Everything

“When it comes to manners, be an example,” Brittney suggested on her Facebook post. “When it comes to kindness, be an example. And when it comes to body image, be an example. I am not a size zero. I never will be.”

“And as my daughter gets older,” she continued, “I will always remind her that the girls who look the prettiest… are the ones who are happy.”

2. Her Story Reached Readers Around The World

“That’s all that matters,” Brittney wrote. “I want her to look at herself every single day and say, ‘Oh, wow! I think I look beautiful!’ because every girl deserves to feel that.”

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take more than a week for Brittney’s story to explode and reach internet users around the world.

1. Inspiring Hundreds Of Thousands Of People

As of mid-May, Brittney’s post has over 329,000 likes, 167,000 shares, and 21,000 comments. Users have chimed in with their own stories and thoughts, too.

“Thank you for the reminder!” wrote one mom. “I never thought that by me being mean to myself, she’d act like that as well. Time for this momma to change her attitude.”

Alright, so let’s hear it for bikini shopping: Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip—just kidding. As everyone knows from experience, only half of a two-piece usually fits just right, and a fantastic one-piece is even harder to track down. One bikini, two bikini, three bikini, four…

What’s nearly impossible to find, though, is the young brand of wisdom that many children seem to have. Kids have a lifetime of learning experiences ahead of them, of course, but there are times when they just seem to get it, just like Brittney’s little girl.

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