Men AND Women Both Love These Sex Positions, Says Survey

Sex is an important part of every relationship, and it connects couples in a way that nothing else can. Being adventurous in the bedroom has its benefits, and some positions definitely top others—literally.

Fifty men and women were surveyed for their favorite sex positions, and slide #3 proves that not all intercourse is created equal!

9. Against The Wall Is Every Woman’s Fantasy

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Although they make it look super simple in the movies, this sexual position is much harder than it looks to execute in the bedroom. It ranks at number five for women and number six for men on the list.

8. Ankles Over Head Is Hit Or Miss

This position definitely allows a woman to show off her flexibility, but men feel the execution can be a little tricky. This position hangs at number seven on the men’s list, while women place it at top four.

Slide #5 has some mixed reviews from the ladies!

7. Spooning Is Reserved For Cuddling

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Although cuddling close may lead to other things, both men and women agree that spooning should stay innocent. It was tied at number eight for both ladies and gents.

6. The Lotus Leaves Much To Be Desired


In the top sex positions, men and women were least enthused about the lotus position. It involves both partners sitting facing each other while wrapping their legs around each other—and the survey takers felt that more exotic positions reign supreme.

5. Reverse Cowgirl Drives Men Crazy

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This position gives men the ultimate view, but most ladies don’t enjoy staring at a man’s feet during the entire act. Reverse cowgirl lands at number six for women and the top four slot for men.

Everyone can agree that slide #2 is a classic!

4. This Position Is A Win-Win


The 69 position allows both parties to experience pleasure, but women aren’t as sold due to the uncomfortable positioning of the two bodies. Ladies rank this as number seven on the list while men get a little more satisfaction, giving it the top five spot!

3. Doggy Style Is Forever A Fan Favorite


Doggy style wins the number one spot for both guys and girls, and there is just something about this position that drives people wild. Slide #1 is another position that does the trick for both ladies and gents!

2. Missionary Is A Go-To Move


This position takes second place for both men and women, and is this really a surprise? Missionary position has always been one of the classics when it comes to getting it on.

1. Everyone Is Ready To Saddle Up For Cowgirl


Men enjoy the view and women prefer the control of this position, and it lands at the top three spot for both parties. It turns out that cowgirls are not just for old western movies!


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