Men Answer The Personal Questions Women Always Wanted To Know

Men and women are total opposites. So it’s just normal for both sexes to have questions about how they think and why they do the things they do. To men, women are like an uncharted territory and to women, men are weird creatures.

But to shed some light on why men do weird things, here is a compilation of women’s personal questions to men and their answers to it. Have fun!

24. Makeup Talk


23. Crying Is Weakness


22. Whiff Test
21. Feels Good Inside
20. More Nerve Endings
19. Depends On The Comfort Level
18. Noticing Scents
17. Pee Game
16. Early Developer
15. Inconvenient Time
14. Lava Lamp Thing
13. After Care
12. Can’t Get Over This
11. Boys’ Night Out
10. Completely Weightless
9. Standing Tall
8. The First Date
7. The Love Bug
6. Sexy Time Thoughts
5. No TMI Allowed
4. Pre-programmed Response
3. All About Balls
2. Double Edged Sword
1. Falling In Love 

Now that was an intimate moment. Intimacy isn’t always about sex. Opening up and being vulnerable is more intimate and it takes more guts to show how you really feel and say what you think. Ladies, that was to read wasn’t it? We’ve at least been able to shed some light about guys.


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