Meet The Woman Who Assaulted A Cop In Her Birthday Suit

A 22-year-old woman identified as Selena Stacy has been arrested by authorities in San Bernardino, California. The young woman was spotted completely naked in the middle of the street in broad daylight, causing drivers in the area to grab their cell phones and record — which got the attention of police driving in the area. What happened next might surprise you.

10. Stacy Was Totally Naked


Stacy was completely naked as she walked along the sidewalk and out into the middle of North Cedar Street. It is unknown where Stacy came from or why she decided to go out without wearing clothes. And that is just the beginning. Wait until you read what happened in this bizarre report.

9. Stacy Started A Fight With A Female Driver


Witnesses say that Stacy walked over to a woman inside a car and grabbed her by the head. The woman got out of her car and the two started fighting in the middle of the street. Spectators did nothing more than keep their cell phones rolling through all of this.

8. When The Sheriff Approached The Women To Stop The Fight, Stacy Allegedly Punched Him


Although Stacy was involved in a heated altercation with the woman who was driving the car, she didn’t seem to differentiate when she approached by the sheriff who was responding to the incident. As he tried to break up the fight, Stacy popped him in the mouth and caused him to lose his balance. Did we mention that she was naked the whole time?

7. Surprisingly, No One Was Injured During The Incident


Thankfully, no one was injured during the incident. The woman that was fighting with Stacy was okay and didn’t need any serious medical attention. The officer who was punched in the mouth was also okay following the blow. The only thing that may have been “hurt” was Stacy’s record.

6. Stacy Was Arrested — And Clothed


Stacy was taken into custody by police and taken to the Central Detention Center where female officers could assist her in getting dressed. After she had clothes on, her evening in custody really got started. Keep reading to see what else happened with Stacy after police took her into custody.

5. She Was Then Transported To The Hospital For Evaluation


Given that it is not “normal” for a person to be fighting naked in the middle of the street, Stacy was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. She was checked into the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for evaluation, but it is unclear how things turned out. Charges followed — keep reading for more.

4. Stacy Was Charged With Assault On A Peace Officer


Stacy was booked at the West Valley Detention Center in California. She was charged with assault on a peace officer after she allegedly punched the deputy in the mouth. She was not charged with anything else, despite the brawl she had with the female driver. It’s unknown if that woman plans on pressing charges.

3. It Is Unknown If Stacy Was Under The Influence Of Drugs And/Or Alcohol


There has been a lot of speculation about Stacy’s state at the time of the incident. Reports did not indicate whether or not police believed that Stacy was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There was no mention of any alcohol or drug test being conducted at the police station during Stacy’s booking.

2. She Works As A ‘Live-In Caregiver’ According To Her Facebook Account


According to a Facebook page believed to be that of Selena Stacy’s, her occupation is listed as “live-in caregiver.” It is unknown who she works for or if she will be keeping her job following this arrest. It is also unclear if she works with elderly or with children. And you won’t believe what else!

1. This Wasn’t The First Time That Stacy Was Arrested For Assault On An Officer


Believe it or not (alright, maybe it’s not that hard to believe), Stacy has been arrested in the past — apparently for something similar! Reports indicate that Stacy was previously arrested for assaulting a peace officer and was actually on probation at the time of her most recent arrest. Details of the previous arrest were not available.


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