Meet Victoria’s Secret’s Heaven Sent Angels

There are angels, and then there are The Angels. These are the fifteen women that Victoria’s Secret has a contract with. These beautiful creatures tour all around the globe and have been gracing the world with their looks even before they became spokesmodels of Victoria’s Secret.

While it may seem easy to drool over these girls, we thought it would be good to remind everyone that they are just people like us, and while they have gorgeous bodies that are often exposed, they still deserve the respect due to any other strong woman. Besides, who would ever want to disrespect an Angel?

15. Adriana Lima


Adriana is a blue eyed goddess with daring dark hair. Her modeling career blossomed when she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and she has been rocking our worlds with her beauty ever since.


She is a Brazilian, born in Salvador, Bahia. She loves her hometown most of all and has a real appreciation for her family and friends. One of her biggest aspirations is to be cast in a Quentin Tarantino film, and to be honest, we wouldn’t be disappointed to see her in one!


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