Meet The Couple That Gets Paid For ...

Meet The Couple That Gets Paid For Hot Instagram Pics On Vacation

While your Instagram is full of photos of your cat and that fancy lunch you had a week ago, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen’s feeds might spark a little more envy.

Being the living proof of “#lifegoals,” the young lovers enjoy breakfasts with nosey giraffes and makeout sessions in the desert — all while getting paid.

Companies shell out up to $9,000 per Instagram post to reach the couple’s massive amounts of followers. So Bullen and Morris’ drool-worthy vacations and romantic adventures are totally taken care of.

See for yourself what a perfect life really looks like in the photos that follow. Be warned: #6 will make you want to quit your day job.

10. They Swing Life Away In The Middle Of The Jungle

What better way to spend a day in the jungle than by finding an oasis with your own rope swing? This is proof that all those hours you put in at your playground growing up could actually come in handy as lucrative job skills. So forget everything you mom said and keep swinging.

9. They Swim With Whale Sharks Like It’s NBD

“Just casually floating up to a sea creature that’s roughly the size of a school bus, it’s fine.”

While their nonchalant attitude about their once-in-a-lifetime adventures can be a little annoying, you have to commend them on bravery. It would be hard to get that close to anything with a mouth that size.

8. And They Have Breakfast With Giraffes

While this might not be number one on your bucket list, it’s gotta jump a few spots now. Can you imagine what it would be like to have an animal you’ve ever only interacted with through a fence at zoo be close enough to snag a slice of your bacon? One would assume that experience is pretty much life changing.

7. They Wade In Pools We’ve Only Ever Dreamed Of

This is nothing like your friend’s pool you chilled in every weekend in 10th-grade. These humongous bodies of water with breathtaking views are always empty because the couple says they only shoot one hour after sunrise. So I guess their life isn’t so perfect if they have to wake up at 5 a.m.

6. They Roam Arabian Deserts Just Because

Thanks to the brands and tourism companies who sponsor them enough to fully supplement their worldly travels, Morris and Bullen can spend their time just walking aimlessly around the desert in trendy clothing.

They do have a home to go back to, but it’s not really a break from the vacation lifestyle because it’s in Bali.

5. They Find The Most Glorious Spots To Just Chill

You know that one time you felt really cool for bringing a blanket to a random field at night and looked at the stars? Well, this couple’s life is like that night, but every single day. And the views they have are at least a thousand times better than yours.

4. They Just Randomly Surprise Each Other With Puppies

For Valentine’s Day, Jack Morris just casually posted this Instagram picture with the caption “Got @gypsea_lust some puppies for Valentine’s Day!” Because, you know, getting paid thousands of dollars to travel the world and take cute pictures together isn’t enough to make us feel terrible about our lives. They had to have puppies too.

3. They Make Out All Over The World

Scrolling through their Instagram accounts might have one questioning if they have a bucket list or a tonsil hockey destination list. Either way, it makes us feel like we’re doing something wrong.

But if Morris can start out as a carpet cleaner and Bullen can earn her living as a self-taught photographer, then anything is possible right?

2. They’re Kind Of The Most Adorable Couple Ever

After meeting in Fiji just last year, the couple then fell in love (probably on a mountain top) and moved to Bali. Besides posting sweet captions about each other pretty much all the time, the couple’s goal is to travel to a new country at least once a month.

1. They Make Us All Want To Quit Our Jobs And Hop On A Plane

If you decide to look at their envy-worthy Instagram feeds, you need to prepare yourself. Just a few minutes of scrolling will have you questioning your entire life’s purpose and all the choices you’ve made up until now. You will start to Google for plane tickets to Indonesia

Despite how low their travels may make you feel about your life, it’s nice to know that someone can make traveling the world with the love of their life a reality. Even if it isn’t you now, maybe one day it could be.

If you think we missed out on an awesome photo or if there’s a couple out there who’s doing it even better than these two, let us know. And be sure to share this with your friends so they know why you’re quitting your stable job to fly around the world to take photos.


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