McKayla Maroney Breaks the Internet with Twerk Clip

You may be familiar with McKayla Maroney. She’s an American Olympian who competes in gymnastics. Her flexible body and amazing skills led her to snag a number of medals over the years. Her popularity grew online after posting her latest video of her twerking. Say what? Read on.

8. Twerking Like No Tomorrow?

After hitting the world stage as an Olympic gymnast, her mindset (aside from doing gymnastics) was all about releasing images and videos of herself. But the best thing she ever did? Twerking! In her thong!

7. Twerking Like No Tomorrow?

Who would’ve expected that a petite acrobat like her can wiggle her booty like that? We’re still trying to figure out whether one of her friends, former President Barack Obama, saw her latest vid. Because if he did, he’d be amazed.

6. Kept on Fighting

McKayla suffered much of 2014 dealing with health problems. This prompted her to temporarily hold off on gymnastics. To add to her sadness, photos of her nude self seemed to have surfaced online. She had to go through such ordeal, but she kept on.

5.Hacking Rumor Debunked

Viewers assumed her latest vid was an attempt made by a hacker to ruin her. Fortunately, she gave reassurance to her followers that the account was indeed released by her. She gave her followers the option to keep following her or to unfollow her.

4. A Viral Sensation

As soon as her video was uploaded online, it went viral. Within half an hour, the clip was viewed more than a hundred times. Thousands of commments (good and bad) poured in. Find out why in the last slide.

3. Credits Herself

Thanks to the explosion of reaction, Marony went to Twitter to not only confirm her video upload, but to inform everyone that she’s perfectly fine with it. Apparently, the false speculation of her not wanting it online is now false. The last slide will show you the vid is worth looking at.

2. Now Retired

Despite spending years with gymnastics and several Olympic appearance, Maroney decided it’s time to lay off from the sport. By 2016, she officially confirmed her gymnastics requirement. She could’ve kept going, but she felt it’s time to lay off and try something different.

1. Gymnyst Turned Twerk Star

She captured the hearts of many on her Olympic performances. She wowed the internet world with her amazing body through her brief yet seductive twerking. Who would’ve thought she got humps from back there?

McKayla Maroney may have retired but that doesn’t mean she’s straying away from the limelight. Thanks to social media, we can still get a glimpse of her after her short-yet-colorful career.

So soak in for some hot stuff with an amazing video of her twerking:


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