These Massage Tips Will Turn Every Backrub Into A Happy Ending

You don’t have to be a master masseuse in order to massage your way into a happy ending. A sensual and intimate experience, a good massage can turn a normal date into something much more sexual.

With these tricks, you’ll become a massage mastermind in no time flat.

10. Plant The Seed Early


Going abruptly into a massage can not only be weird for her, but it can ruin any chances you have of leading this date to the bedroom.

During the date, place your arm on her shoulder and rub it as you are talking. Bring up how you’re good at massages and that you “should try it out sometime.”

9. Back To Your Place

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Lead the date back to your place. It’s important that you’re not giving her a massage in some public area—this is a private thing, after all.

8. Be A Pro

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Once you’ve convinced her to a massage, don’t get too frisky—yet. (Save that for #2).

Be serious and actually give her a professional massage. This will make her more comfortable with the experience and help you gain her trust.

7. Tell Her To Keep Her Bra On

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Don’t tell her to strip. While this may be your end goal, you can’t lay out your cards too soon. Giving her a massage with some of her clothes on will gain more of her trust.

6. Mood Music

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Music goes a long way to setting the proper mood. Find some soothing acoustic guitar tracks on Spotify and let them loose—you’re going to need them to get her comfortable enough for #4.

5. Lube Up

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No masseuse worth their salt gives a massage without lube or oil. Adding lubricant to the equation makes the massage more enjoyable for her, thus increasing your chances of sex later on.

4. Straddle Her


This is the riskiest move of the whole ordeal, but it’s definitely worth it. After massaging her back while standing, move onto the massage table and straddle her back.

Rub her upper back for approximately 10 minutes and try not to make a big deal out of the straddling—you’re still acting like a professional, after all.

3. Keep A Steady Rhythm

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Don’t go too fast. This isn’t a race, so the slower you go, the more intense and enjoyable the massage will be. Follow the rhythm of the music. Slow and smooth.

2. Go Lower

Leg Pain

Once you’ve massaged her upper back and shoulders, move down to the lower back and sides, then to the feet and lower legs.

Once you’ve spent enough time on the legs, it’s time to make your move at #1.

1. Brush Against The Bush


Massage a thigh with both hands, one on the inside and one on the outside. Rub both hands upward and, as your inside hand gets close to her vagina, quickly turn away and start rubbing upward again.

This is the move that’ll drive her crazy. The close contact is enough to make her want you all to herself.


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