Massage Therapists Of Reddit Share Their Craziest Horror Stories

featured-imageEveryone needs a good old fashioned massage sometimes. After all, having a complete stranger  gentle rub away your worries is pretty luxurious. But, have you ever wondered what your massage therapist is really thinking? No shame- most people have experienced this before!

Worry no further! We have put together a list of the 15 juiciest confessions from massage therapists so that you can get inside their head and learn a bit about what life is like in America’s most sensual profession!

Keep reading to find out the 15 top things your massage therapist doesn’t want you to know!

#15 Many people think of sex as a human need. So, if you believe that line of thinking, this confession is completely understandable!
#14 Yikes! It’s not too often that jealous significant others getting in the way of finding a job. Our guess is that this is a pretty common problem for massage therapists, though.
#13 Aww! This is a pretty sweet confession! Everyone needs a little extra TLC in their life, and that is even more true for those who have issues with self harm.


#12 Eeek! This is definitely a HUGE secret to be keeping from someone you’re about to marry. We wonder if the fiancé ever found out?
#11 This is definitely the most awkward confession on the list! How would you respond to such a strange situation?
#10 Okay… this one made us feel a little bit uncomfortable. We hope our massage therapists aren’t thinking this when we go in for a session!


#9 Sometimes, you’ve just gotta laugh. Even though giggling about sex sounds is *so middle school* we can’t help but sympathize with this massage therapist.
#8 Kudos to this massage therapist for respecting the lines of consent and never violating his client’s trust. More men should follow his example!
#7 Ahhh… there’s nothing like a good nap. We think that there would be a lot more people trying to become massage therapists if they knew about this on-the-job perk!


#6 On second thought, if people knew about this drawback to being a massage therapist, we’re pretty sure there would be an employee shortage. Yikes!
#5 At least this massage therapist had the dignity to fart while the client was face down! We’re not sure if we could hold it in that long, though!
#4 OMG! This would be super awkward! We wonder what class was like for the student the next day?


#3 Uh oh! This seems like it may be against some of those ethical codes massage therapists have to comply with. Still, it’s pretty darn funny.
#2 Well, you can’t fight love. We just hope this massage therapist and their client was never caught. That would be grounds for firing someone!
#1 Wow! This massage therapist has certainly had enough of other’s misconceptions about his or her job. That would definitely be very frustrating!

015--1-wow-this-massage-therapist-has-certai-de0a3d20759d62b3cca8362adaed42beSome of these confessions were funny, some were surprising, and some were shocking, but they all offered us a glimpse into life as a massage therapist! A few of them were a bit creepy, though, so we’ll definitely have to avoid thinking about them the next time we go in for a massage. We have to wonder… are all of these true? If so, that’s definitely concerning and super uncomfortable!

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