Everyone calls dogs “Man’s Best Friend,” but we don’t ever stop to think about us being “Dog’s Best Friend.” It’s true, we are the most important things in most dogs’ lives.

Stray dogs are forced to roam around the neighborhood searching for bugs, water, or a hand to feed them. But stray dogs in the United States have it easy, compared to their furry friends elsewhere in the world.

What happens to a dog trapped in the middle of a war zone? Bombs dropping, people screaming, and boots marching can lead a poor puppy to PTSD just as much as a human, if not more.

As you’ll see, we’re taking a look at a dog that has known only war, and exploring what that does to man’s best friend.

10. War Dogs

The military has long used canines to serve various roles in military operations. From reconnaissance to security, these dogs put their lives on the line every day without human interaction or pressure. It’s in their blood. Since World War II, the United States has relied on these selfless beings to help accomplish various missions.

9. Craig Grossi’s Story

U.S. Marine Craig Grossi was stationed in Afghanistan. He happened to be sitting at an airport in the war-torn country. It was just like any other day. Grossi was avoiding the extreme heat and was probably thinking about being at home with his family and other loved ones. Continue this impressive story as Craig gets deployed in #8.

8. The Day Of Deployment

Craig’s unit was deployed to the area in 2009. The War on Terror had already called up many different units. The kids being deployed were no older than 10 years of age when the conflict in the Middle East escalated after the September 11th attacks. A stray dog just happened to be laying at the airfield.

7. Craig’s First Few Days

The unit was sent to the Sangin District to put pressure on the Taliban. To say he experienced intense firefights would be an understatement. After the bullets stopped flying Craig noticed a little dog at the airport. Whimpering and hungry, this dog needed a little extra R&R, just like the rest of the brave soldiers.

6. A Dog’s Life Of War

The little dog had found a home in some bushes. He had no idea the bombs could drop on him at any moment. Marines had already been warned to not pick up any stray dogs. Craig went against orders and brought the pup a bit of beef jerky. It was a proverbial white flag of truce.

5. A Dog’s Life

Like many dogs, this one was covered in bugs. Any Marine will tell you about the perils of sand fleas. That was this dog’s average Tuesday. As Craig approached with the jerky, the poor pup started wagging his tail and happily took the dried piece of meat from his fingers. As Craig walked away, he began to follow him to #4.

4. Looks Like You Made A Friend

“I feel a little poke at my ankle, I look down, and there he is, following me,” said Craig. “Looks like you made a friend,” his brother in arms responded. That’s how he got his name: Fred. Fred was a dog that was destined for destruction but received a second chance.

3. A Bond Unbroken

From that moment on, the two were inseparable. Would you leave the base if you had a kind Marine handing you pieces of beef jerky every day? Didn’t think so. Fred went along with the units as the checked the nearby area for civilians or threats. The rest of the Marines started growing attached to him as well.

2. A Hero’s Departure

Eventually, Craig received his orders to return back home. If he tried to sneak Fred back to the states, then he would be charged with a crime and Fred would have to be euthanized. Craig decided to break all the rules and snuck him to his new base in a duffle bag. Find out if Fred made it in #1!

1. Planning A Reception

Craig left Fred with some delivery service workers and wound up back in the field. An injury sent him back to the town where he left Fred and he was still there! He wound up getting the paperwork in order to adopt him and send him to the United States. The land of opportunity proved to be a surreal change for both of them.

Craig takes Fred on the road in America. He tells the story about his experience fighting for the people he loves. It’s the war that brought him together with Fred and kept both of them going.

Craig is currently working on a book; a memoir of his experience and the moment that kept him fighting and searching for his perfect companion. It’s an amazing story of a relationship which transcends war and proves nature has a plan for all of us, whether we have opposable thumbs or paws.

Tell us how you met your furry friend. How did it change your life?