This Man’s Girlfriend Died During Oral Sex And He Was Found Not Guilty

This is a disturbing story that seems to be lifted from the script of a daytime television drama. It’s not. This 65-year-old man escaped murder charges after his girlfriend choked to death in the middle of oral sex. He was found not guilty by a jury, but the story is still really, really sketchy…

10. Florida Man Richard Henry Patterson

Daily Mail

Richard Henry Patterson, 65 years old, resides in Margate, Florida. He and his girlfriend Francisca Marquinez were having sex in October 2015 when something terrible and fatal took place. Francisca was, in medical terms, administering oral sex to Richard when she allegedly choked on his penis. It wasn’t just a cough.

9. Asphyxiation To Death

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In a truly sickening turn of events, Patterson did not call 911 until at least 24 hours had passed. Prosecutors estimated that it could have been up to 48 hours or even longer.

The couple had only been seeing each other for four months by the time that Marquinez died.

8. He Didn’t Call For Help

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Authorities came across Marquinez’s body only after Patterson phoned his attorney, Ken Padowitz, and directed him to send police to her apartment. That’s definitely a strange response, no?

She was found lying facedown on her bed. Responding officers also recovered a bag that was filled with paper towels and tissues stained with semen and blood.

7. They Had A Stormy, Tumultuous Relationship

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A former neighbor of the couple said that the pair had had a stormy, tumultuous relationship. The neighbor had overheard the couple arguing, and said that Marquinez was looking to end her relationship with Patterson on the night of her death.

Patterson was arrested a week later on charges of second-degree murder.

6. He Sent Really Oddly Worded Texts

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Patterson had sent text messages to his daughter and a friend, admitting that he had done “something bad and was so so sorry” and that he “choked Francisca” because his medication was making him “crazy.”

His attorney stated that Patterson had never admitted to strangling the woman and causing her death.

5. His Defense Rested On His Penis

Sun Sentinel

Patterson’s defense rested on his penis. Attorney Ken Padowitz maintained that Patterson simply had a very, very large penis, making the whole ordeal nothing more than a tragic freak accident.

The prosecution argued that there would have been evidence of a struggle if Marquinez’s airways were actually obstructed.

4. The Findings From Autopsy Results


Broward County Medical Examiner Louri Boiko performed Francisca Marquinez’s autopsy just days after her death. Boiko told the court that if Marquinez had choked to death on Patterson’s penis, the organ would’ve had to have been lodged far down her throat for at least two to three minutes.

3. Presenting A Penis As Evidence

Daily Mail

Another piece of the puzzle involved presenting Patterson’s penis to the jury. Patterson’s attorney believed that the jury would understand if they saw the exact size of his penis.

Attorneys argued over whether the penis would be presented erect or flaccid, and whether it would be displayed in person or through photographic evidence.

2. Rough Sex Gone Wrong


The request was never granted, so even though his penis was never presented to members of the jury, Patterson was able to get off on his defense that the whole thing was simply rough sex gone wrong.

Medical examiners didn’t believe that it was possible for her to have choked to death during consensual oral sex.

1. He Did Nothing To Help Her

Sun Sentinel

Patterson was acquitted of second-degree murder in the end. Marquinez’s son, Omar Andrade, described Patterson as a “desperate man trying to avoid being convicted.”

He could be right.

The facts of the case state that, at the very least, Patterson did nothing to help Marquinez in her last moments of life.


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