Man’s Cheating Wife Story Bombs When She Gets WAY More Likes

In 2016, the rate of divorce in the United States dropped to a dramatic 40-year low. A ridiculous amount of those divorces are typically caused by one or more parties cheating on the other. But what if your wife is cheating on you with your brother? One man dramatically shared his story of infidelity on social media and received an epic response from his wife.

8. The Social State Of Relationships Today

According to the American Psychological Association, around 40 to 50 percent of American couples become American singles. That rate increases for couples who try to give matrimony a second chance. When Patrick Miller found out his wife Allison Stark was cheating with his brother, he took to his Facebook wall in #7 to share his feelings.


7. Sharing A Sad Story With The World

Patrick was devastated when he found out his wife was cheating on him. For it to be with his own blood had to sting even more. Who does he think he is? More importantly, who does she think she is? Miller’s friends came to his side to share their support.


6. Society’s Need For Virtual Attention

Airing one’s dirty laundry is commonplace on social media. People like to receive confirmation in the form of “likes” and comments from their friends. Most of the time, only one side of the story is presented. Friends can easily get a false interpretation of the actual events. Allison decided to share her side in #5.

5. Allison’s Side Of The Story

She started to explain her initial feeling. She was heartbroken. She proceeded to go describe the status of their relationship in intimate detail. The fact that she was able to explain her feelings in one paragraph is pretty impressive. Even though cheating is absolutely wrong, anyone can relate to her in this situation.

4. Compromise Is Key

She has obviously been thinking about this for a long time. Patrick’s friends were now finding out Allison served as his sugar mama for quite some time. An important aspect of any relationship is making compromises. He wasn’t attending to her emotional needs so she got it from somewhere else. Allison ousted Patrick further in #3.

3. He Was Giving Her Money To Who?

Patrick proved he could not be trusted with the Internet. Allison discovered he had been sexting and supporting a drug-using girl in California. “In some twisted way, I had a financial relationship with a drug addict,” she said. She admitted she would have to live with her mistake, but she would make it “1,000 times over.”

2. A Very Public Shaming

Everyone can see both sides of this argument. And everyone did see both sides of this argument since the story has gone viral. Airing dirty laundry on the Internet has its consequences. Just when you think Allison had said her peace, she made a closing statement on #1 before dropping the mic.

1. Allison Drops The Mic

And grow from this they will. At least we hope. Her final comment acknowledging Patrick’s decision to tell his so-called “friends” must have stung the most. The fact her responses racked up over 200 “likes” further proves Patrick should improve his Internet skills while working on his relationship habits.


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